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  • Y U NO answering to this?

    Plugin Author bkmacdaddy


    My apologies. I didn’t see a need for an answer.

    I appreciate your suggestion but it’s not something I personally am going to take the time to implement, since the plugin is functioning fine the way it is currently configured.

    That’s a single line to add to the existing code.
    Easy to add easy, to revert.

    You might think this is nothing big but, I had experienced serious quality loss on certain pictures, using your plugin.

    Plus I’m now able to build a sort of gallery with acceptable image quality.

    You should really consider using that single line of code.
    Please 0:)

    Plugin Author bkmacdaddy


    I see what you’re saying and I think it’s a great edit for your type of use. However, since this plugin was created primarily for use as a widget with smaller thumbnails it doesn’t make sense to create the extra load time by pulling in the larger images for most use cases. Isn’t it enough for you to add the code yourself since that’s how you want to use it? So far you are the only person who has asked for this type of functionality.

    Extra load is just for thumbnail generation (600px vs 192px nothing big).
    Sure I can add the code myself but I’ll lost automatic update.
    Do you want me to work on this as a optional configuration?

    I noticed that you choice to use the crop center as top with parameter a=t, I think center is better for most use.
    But i can also work on an optionnal option to set the center as wanted.

    Plugin Author bkmacdaddy


    If you want to spend your time working on adding these options and the documentation for them, be my guest. That’s the beauty of open source! 🙂

    I don’t have the time to invest to add options that only one person (so far) is looking for, but you are more than welcome to go for it and I will upload your changes.

    You don’t have CVS for this project?
    You prefer a diff or else?

    Plugin Author bkmacdaddy


    This is the first plugin I’ve created. It does not reside anywhere else. If you would like to edit, test, etc. I suggest you create your own version of the plugin because I don’t have time to continue talking about this back and forth like this or manage a long-term project.

    I don’t mean to be rude, so please forgive me if this is sounding offensive in any way. I just cannot spend my time constantly answering questions.

    Yeah a bit rude, but I understand

    I had made the change for highquality and center option.
    Only took me 40 minutes.

    Maybe you should give me some right on this plugin so i could help out.
    And release update to this plugin. I disagree about forking it, that’s pointless.

    bkmacdaddy: Please add me as an author so I can merge my changes and release a new version.

    It is fully backward compatible, so I guess there is no problem for this.

    Thanks a lot.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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