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    Hi Sean, I have to say this is a great plugin. I was looking for this feature and your plugin delivers.

    I have one suggestion that would further enhance this plugin in my opinion.

    > It would be great to be able to click anywhere on the image to pin it instead of only clicking the pin it button because when the user hovers and immediately sees the pin it then they might click on the image but that would just bring them to the source image location.

    > This feature could maybe be toggled in settings so website owners can set it to the button only or the clicking on the whole image to pin.

    Would love to see this implemented!!!

    Take care and good stuff!

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  • Hi Ehkl,

    Thanks for your input.

    Regarding the ability to click anywhere on the image, I’ve decided not to do so as some people use plugins such as Fancybox or some other style of Lightbox. In these cases, when the image is clicked, a bigger version is opened. If the plugin overrides this, most people won’t be too happy, and adding this option is not in my near plans as I’m focusing mostly on some other issues to be fixed in the next 1.0 release.

    But nevertheless, I’ll write your suggestion down to maybe implement it in the future.

    Thanks once again!


    Hey Sean,

    Great update for version 1.0

    I like how the image greys out when hovered over the button. This works too.

    Just wanted to report a bug on the pin it button showing up outside of some images. Hopefully you can get this fixed swiftly.

    For reference: here’s one of our posts with multiple images. Half of the buttons appear inside, half outside.

    Guide to an Eco Friendly Life

    Is this caused by having a caption?

    Hope this helps your plugin for improvement!

    Cheers sean.

    Hi Ehkl,

    I’ve discovered that on blogs where the “Settings > Media > Large image size width” wasn’t set, problems arrise with the positioning of the button.

    As a temporary solution, you can change this setting to reflect the maximum width of your content area (just the post area – in your case, I guess about 600px in width?). The next update will fix this 😉


    Hi Sean

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    I tried setting the maximum width, didn’t appear to change anything.

    Kind Regards,


    Try the new 1.0.1 update. This should fix it. Let me know if it does.

    Hey Sean,

    Thanks for the quick update.

    However, the button doesn’t appear on the images anymore.

    Even after I set the pixel width in settings.


    Hi ehkl,

    Do you add the images to your post in a specific way?

    Can you set the “Exclude classes:” field to nothing? (Don’t worry if only a comma appears after saving – that’s normal). I’ve noticed errors on your page:
    But the button does appear on the images.

    Usually the first image would be a featured image upload. The rest would be regular image uploads.

    I tried setting the field to nothing. The error still appears.

    Also I am not seeing the button.

    For reference, I’m running firefox.


    I’m going to disable the plugin for now – let me know if you want the error messages

    The error messages still show up after deactivation for Eco Friendly Life only.

    How to remove the error messages…?

    Try cleaning up the cache (Wp super cache or W3 Total cache).

    If the pinterest plugin is deactivated, there is no reason for the message to show up.

    The error message can be fixed by setting the field “Exclude classes:” to “wp-smiley, nopin” and save it. This should fix it.

    Hey Sean,

    Errors are gone.

    However, the Pin It button is not showing up.

    Works now, thanks a lot.

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