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  • Rado


    Using your plugin works great to customize everything needed besides the actual send button.

    Using IE8 the send button will look really strange if you don’t have the name / message window selected, it will look like the text is blurred all over the button, not nice.

    In Opera if you select the message or name window the send button will get a black border instead of the normal border….

    In firefox everything looks nice.

    I don’t like that it looks different in these browsers, can you please point me in the direction to fix this issue.. I’ve been attempting to fix this for the past 3 hours and i just can’t figure it out.

    I’m guessing it has something to do with:

    if($curthe==1) {
                if($theme || $curadmin==1) {
                    $combo.='<div id="shout_theme" style="display:none;"><b>'.__("Theme:",wordspew).'</b><br/>';
                    $combo.='<select name="shout_cat_theme" id="shout_cat_theme" onchange="document.getElementById(\'chatbarText\').focus();" onblur="CleanBox()"
                    <option value="">'.__("Miscellaneous",wordspew).'</option>';
                    foreach( $theme as $theme_name ) {
                        $selected=($SQLCat==$the_theme || $HiddenCat==$the_theme) ? ' selected="true"' : '';
                        $combo.='<option value="'.$the_theme.'"'.$selected.'>'.$the_theme.'</option>';
                    if($user_level >= $jal_admin_user_level || $curadmin==1)
                        $combo.='<option value="add_custom" style="font-weight:bold">'.__("New theme",wordspew).'</option>';

    But i can’t figure it out, simply removing all the code that says anything about “select” or “bold” or anything either in the css or wordspew.php does not change this, i can even remove the entire css.php and everything will look different besides this damn button, it still applies these weird things i don’t know where it’s pulling it from

    Screenshots of the issue in IE8:

    Thanks for the help, and very nice plugin!! 🙂

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  • Plugin Author Pierre_02


    Hi Jonny,

    could you, please, give me an url where i can see your box. I have to see it in real conditions to be able to help you with your css problem ;).





    Hi Pierre thanks for your quick reply, I have a test page up on it here: (check bottom of the sidebar)

    Thanks a lot 🙂



    Thanks to pierre for fast help, the issue wasn’t in the plugin but in explorer.

    If anyone else was annoyed by this check the function on line 429 in ajax_shout.php


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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