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[Plugin: Pie Register] Warning Code

  • New user’s get the following Warning when they click the Submit button for registration. Does anybody know what I should try? Ipower is my host. That’s what the “ipw” is for. Is the problem with the plugin code or with my host? Thanks.

    Warning: in_array() [function.in-array]: Wrong datatype for second argument in /hermes/bosweb/web117/b1176/ipw.anelson/public_html/alansguitarmethod.com/wp-content/plugins/pie-register/pie-register.php on line 1037

    Warning: in_array() [function.in-array]: Wrong datatype for second argument in /hermes/bosweb/web117/b1176/ipw.anelson/public_html/alansguitarmethod.com/wp-content/plugins/pie-register/pie-register.php on line 1043

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /hermes/bosweb/web117/b1176/ipw.anelson/public_html/alansguitarmethod.com/wp-content/plugins/pie-register/pie-register.php:1037) in /hermes/bosweb/web117/b1176/ipw.anelson/public_html/alansguitarmethod.com/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 866


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  • I found the answer to this problem at the plugin’s website: http://www.pie-solutions.com/products/pie-register – look back a few pages in the comments for the one by jonhartling. Basically the error message means there is nothing set for Required Profile fields in the database, which is because in some cases Pie Register doesn’t save that properly. It’s weird, because it works okay on my test server at home, but not on my production server. Anyway, jonhartling’s fix works for me, and I will repeat it here:

    Edit pie-register.php and change the section for “function disable_magic_quotes_gpc($rpg)” to:

    function disable_magic_quotes_gpc($rpg){
                            if (is_array($rpg)) {
                                    foreach ($rpg as $k=>$v) {
                                            $rpg[$k] = $this->disable_magic_quotes_gpc($v);
                            } else {
                                    if (TRUE == function_exists('get_magic_quotes_gpc') && 1 == get_magic_quotes_gpc()){
                                            $mqs = strtolower(ini_get('magic_quotes_sybase'));
                                            if (TRUE == empty($mqs) || 'off' == $mqs){
                                                    // we need to do stripslashes on $_GET, $_POST and $_COOKIE
                                                    // we need to do str_replace("''", "'", ...) on $_GET, $_POST, $_COOKIE
                            return $rpg;

    Sorry… it didn’t work for me. Still get the same errors.

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