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  • I was a bit frustrated, with Register Plus as I was unable to add date field for Profile. It also had problems with uploading custom logo. Another problem was adding first name last name field on registration page.

    Installed Pie Register. One problem solved. The registration page, does show First Name Last Name field. Fine. Still can’t get custom Logo and the date field in custom fields setting for profile.

    Any clues anybody. I am using WordPress 2.9.2

    NOTE: As the author suggest, to add <?php session_start(); ?> on top of wp-login.php, I did. I get error. However without that it works.

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  • just something I use in case you are interested. for a custom logo on the login page, rather thana plugin I just do this:

    uplaod logo to images folder in my theme
    add this to functions.php of my theme

    function my_custom_login_logo() {
        echo '<style type="text/css">
            h1 a { background-image:url('.get_bloginfo('template_directory').'/images/loginLogo.png) !important; height:145px !important; }
    add_action('login_head', 'my_custom_login_logo');

    now I’ve got a plugin free custom login logo

    Thanks RVoodoo, will do that. Looks pretty simple. However I am not a programmer and I am totally 0 with PHP. But this looks simple. Thank you. One problem solved.

    sure. its just a simple copy/paste (and of course changing this part ‘/images/loginLogo.png’ to reflect the name of your actual image.)

    just make sure that the code I provided is inside the <?php and ?> tags and you’ll be safe!

    Got that working. Yepee. Thanks RVoodoo. You are a champ.

    Regarding the custom logo, it doesn’t work on 2.9.2 because of freshly installed WP 2.9 doesn’t have the upload_path saved in db, as discusssed here:

    Just save the value wp-content/uploads under Settings > Misc., the custom logo should work. Hope it helps.

    I found the problem (regarding uploading a unique header). You have to have access to the file manager for your site. Once you get there, you have to move the header that you uploaded to (or however you have your site set up).

    For some reason, Pie Register places the header file in the main directory.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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