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  • Thanks for the plugin, great start towards what I’m looking for.

    As I’m new to using WP (and plugins) perhaps someone can help me find the correct settings to use this Picasa uploader with the NextGEN gallery.
    When I click on the Picasa button it loads the selected images to /wp-content/uploads/2010/06/ (standard upload directory).
    NextGEN currently uses /wp-content/gallery as their folder.

    Is anyone working on integrating these two plugins? I’m assuming that hasn’t been done yet so I’ve got the following questions that will help smooth my upload process.

    Q1) How to set this Picasa upload utility so that it does NOT create thumbnails? (When importing the images into the gallery, NextGEN gallery creates them.)

    Q2) Is there a way to put my WP password into the picasa plugin so I don’t have to log in each time? What happens now is that I click the WP button in Picasa, it opens the WP login page. After loging in the page sais no images were sent. I close the pages and click the WP upload button again. Then the images are selected.

    Q3) NG question, I need to figure out if there is a simple way of moving the files from the default upload folder in the default WP gallery into the NextGEN gallery.

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  • Some interesting questions here.

    I’m not looking at integration with other plugins right now, instead focusing on basic support and improvements there.

    Q1: I will look at providing an option to not create thumbnails. I’ve added this to my todo list.

    Q2: I just uploaded a new version with improved debugging that should help understand the scenario described. Turn on the debug log and post the output and I’ll have a look.

    Regarding the login stuff, you can try clicking on the remember me option but it’s up to Picasa to honor that setting and save the required cookie. I haven’t played with this.

    Q3: I could explore adding some post-processing hooks that could be used in your theme. This will be lower on my priority list.

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