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  • This plugin would be great for a client of mine that can’t quite grok the pull photos from camera – resize – upload process straight, or manage their photos for that matter. Using Picasa would be a great solution for them.

    I am having one issue; the mini-browser seems to be using the active theme rather than Dashboard theme and the info is almost completely illegible on the upload screen. It would be nice to have some control over this.

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  • Could you supply a screen shot?

    In terms of the customization, are you asking for the mini-browser format to be adjusted via scripting or through a web interface?

    I’ll be a bit slow getting deeper into this for the next week or so.

    This is the page which I was talking about –

    I attempted to change the background by adding a class to the main div which had a white background and nothing seemed to happen. Thinking it might be cached I reloaded Picasa, which help. When I tried uploading today to get the screenshots, the background change was displayed, so it must be caching this somewhere. I also attempted using your custom header and footer files and changes to those scripts seemed to be displayed immediately. I am somewhat puzzled as to why it behaves this way.

    I’ve run into an additional issue on another site. For some reason the footer is overlaying the bottom of the main content area, making the upload button inaccessable. See here –

    I have not been able to find much of anything on the minibrowser so far. Some documentation might make this easier, but all I’ve found so far on Google is pretty much just a mention that it exists. Is there any way to debug what’s going on in there?

    Thanks for working on this great plugin. Let me know if there is any way I can assist figuring out these issues or helping with it’s development. I think this would simplify media management for a lot of folks that don’t “get it”.

    Oops, that should read “I reloaded Picasa, which didn’t help”.

    Forgot to mention that when I created footer-picasa_album_uploader.php and header-picasa_album_uploader.php I just copied the files from the default theme.

    I got so focused on trying to figure out why changes to page-picasa_album_uploader.php didn’t seem to be having any effect, I forgot to try setting a custom .css file in header-picasa_album_uploader.php.

    Duh! I figured out where I was going wrong with all this. Mixing up which css was being applied where as well as just dropping in the default header and footer files without customizing them properly. “Operator head space” strikes again!

    The offer of assistance remains open. Thanks for the great work!

    Hi Bill!

    I’m relieved to hear you found the display problems! Sadly, I’ve been able to find very little about the Picasa mini-browser and how it expects things to work. I felt like I was debugging with a blindfold on and had to back things up to “bare metal” and start sneaking up on the functionality.

    I’ll have to think about what sort of debug and configuration aids I can build in to assist in the process of screen formatting, etc. I might add a test link in the Admin panel to display a sample upload screen in the web browser by faking up a picasa dialog. Have to think about that one and if the effort will be worth the return.

    — Ken

    Hey Ken,

    I think since the theme can render the upload dialog inoperable, there should always be footer-picasa_album_uploader.php and header-picasa_album_uploader.php files installed. I added:

    .picasa-album-uploader {

    to picasa-album_uploader.css to get rid of any background defined in the theme and wrapped the div used to display images:

    $content .= “<div class=’picasa-album-uploader’>\n”;
    // Start div used to display images
    $content .= “<p class=’pau_header’>Selected images</p><div class=’pau_images’>\n”;

    } // End Class picasa_album_uploader

    I don’t know if there is any way to automate installing the files when the plugin is installed – haven’t had time to look into that.

    I did just run into an issue with installing the Picasa plugin on Win XP. Picasa recognized the plugin file type and started the install, but then never added it to the list of controls (or even displayed the list). So far I’ve tried three different systems, Win7/64, XP, Vista and it’s only failed once. When I can get my hands on the machine that failed I’d like to take a look at why it’s failed.

    This plugin is great. Last week I put it on a client’s machine (client who doesn’t even understand file systems and loses their photos on their computer) and she’s doing just fine with it.


    I haven’t looked at automating the install process either. At this stage I’m focused on functionality with ease of install being secondary. The feedback so far has definitely been helpful and I’m working on an update to improve debug ability and address issues using the default permalink structure that have been identified. I’ll look deeper into the theme integration and consider how to move more of the effort into admin screen options.

    Appreciate the great feedback!

    BTW, I installed the Picasa plugin on another XP system and everything went smoothly. No idea yet why it failed on one system.

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