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  • trying to use picasa express x2 on a multisite-installation for the first time – but for some strange reasons only admins (on any blog, also the “main” one) get to see it in the editor – yes, it’s definitly enabled for all lower roles as well..

    tried reinstalling the plugin – but no change (probably would have to nuke something in db as well, but didn’t bother yet)

    any ideas?


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  • I’ve got this problem too – anyone have a solution?

    it seems to be the plugin not supporting multisite properly, i.e. it doesn’t integrate itself in newly created blogs. strangely it works for me in the first “sub-blog” i created, but not in any other – can u confirm this as well?
    didn’t have time so far to find out how/where to report bugs for this, as it doesn’t seem as if this place is one that the author(s) monitor(s).. 🙁

    Plugin Author Wott



    You can find in the FAQ that bug reporting works on my site

    Wott first of all, thanks for a GREAT plug-in! And I can see why one would like to run support on ones own site but then at least make it searchable or have a forum!

    I’m not using MU but managed to fix it on a single install, if you look at the code in picasa-express-2.php line 233 we have this line:

    if (!current_user_can('picasa_dialog')) return;

    This means that if the user don’t have the privilege picasa_dialog then the icon will not show up. If you use for example “User Role Editor” then you can give a role that privilege and it should work.

    thanks for investigating on this, still didn’t find time to do so..

    didn’t think of a user-permission-issue at first, but indeed it might be it..

    Plugin Author Wott


    markusk, I am still waiting bug reports in by blog and will support only by comments in the version announce post.

    for the roles – change or add ‘&updated=true’ to the setting page url.
    eg for my blog:

    the problem that WP change updating flag in the URL from ‘updated’ to ‘settings-updated’ without personal notice to me. This problem will be fixed in the next ‘WP 3.3 fixed’ release.

    It’s really last time when I do support outside of my blog. If anyone can’t fulfill small requirements I think that person doesn’t need support nor respect.

    no need to be snippy wott, as mentioned above – i didn’t have time to investigate the issue further, and i don’t see much sense in providing an incomplete bug report..

    back then i gave all users of the affected site admin-rights to work around the issue, and actually didn’t ask for any support. whenever i get to work on this again (it’s that kind of non-profit/community-thingy) i’ll sure report the way you wish.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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