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  • Hi,

    First up – fantastic work on this plugin, its brilliant!

    Is there any way to control cropping of thumbnails?

    For asthetic reasons I’d like my thumbnails to be all be 195 x 150 pixels. When I insert a photo from Picasa, I choose 195×150 as my thumbnail size and hit the ‘insert’ button. However, the thumbnail gets resized to something like 195×291 for portrait shots and 195×135 for landscapes. Presumably, this is by design in order to keep the correct ratio. However, it means that all my thumbnails look a little ‘squished’. Is there any way for me to crop/edit thumbnails like I can when using the built-in “upload picture” feature of WordPress?


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  • Plugin Author Wott



    try to enable ‘Crop thumbnail to exact dimensions (normally thumbnails are proportional)’ checkbox in the media settings.


    Thanks for your help, I have tried the ‘crop thumbnails to exact dimensions’ setting, but it only seems to control whether image is forced into the thumbnail size you’ve selected – it doesn’t seem to actually crop, just resize.

    So, if I insert a portrait photo from Picasa and I use the ‘crop thumbnails to exact dimensions’ option, then the actual resulting thumbnail is 195×291 pixels (right clicking on it and selecting “View Image”), but its squeezed into my 195×150 box.

    If I insert the same photo and do not use the ‘crop thumbnails to exact dimensions’ option, then the resulting imaage is still 195×291 pixels, but in my post, the thumbnail box is resized to 195×291, so its not squeezed, but its now not the shape I’d like.

    Ideally, I’d like the photo to be resized as close as possible to the thumbnail size selection while retaining ratio (eg. size to 195×291 for thumbnail selection of 195×150). From there, I’d like to be able to select an area to crop (eg. “top”, “middle” or “bottom) to generate a thumbnail picture to meet the thumbnail size selection (eg. 195×150).

    Sorry, I appreciate that I’m probably trying to do something that’s quite particular. If its not possible, its not a big problem – I’m sure I can maybe try and find some way around it, like manually uploading replacement thumbnails via FTP or something.


    Plugin Author Wott


    Yes, understand.

    But I am not making thumbnails – I request Picasa to provide required image, but Picasa allow to set only one dimension for thumbnail and keeps ratio. So I try to request image with closest size and set exact dimensions only in the img parameters.

    Only one exception – make square images. Picasa has special flag and make real cropping for square thumbnail.

    Thanks for the quick reply – I now understand that you’re doing it the best way you can. Again, thanks for a brilliant plugin and the great support you provide here. I’ve donated a few dollars via paypal to show my appreciation – its not much, but hopefully everyone who uses the plugin does the same then you’ll continue your great work 🙂

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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