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  • I’m using PHP to manage waterpolo matches.

    The plugin is wonderful but I’ve two different problem:

    1) Settings key don’t change anything. I try to change preferred team or qualification, then I press save…. No error (Settings updated successfully)…. all is good…. but default settings are always the same

    2) When I’ve been updated the results about matches played in the same day, then I’ve pressed Save and Generate…. The table is ok immediately but the results are available after midnight.

    PHPLeague release is 1.4.4
    WP release is 3.3.1
    Theme is Graphene 1.6

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  • Plugin Author mikaweb


    I didn’t touch the plugin since more than 2 months (before 3.3 release).

    I’m going to work on it while I’m on holidays from Sunday.

    Hi mika, the first problem may be the same explained in the last one post. The second (display results in the same day of matches) was just present in the previous releases.

    It’s not drammatic… but it is a limit to use it better


    the site is : (section Risultati e Classifica)

    Hi Mika with your new file is ok also for my first issue (point #1).
    I have changed only phpleague.php to check it…

    the #2 is still open…. and not fixed….
    I try to explain better:

    a) I have a match on March 6 at 10:00
    b) At 11.00 I update the result (5-5)
    c) I update the table (generate)
    d) the table is ok with points and goals correct but the result (fixture) will not appear until midnight.
    e) After midnight all is ok (table and results) without any intervention

    if i change the date of match (ex: 5 march) the result is showing immediately

    Plugin Author mikaweb


    Yes, I didn’t had a look yet. I’m gonna check this.

    Hi Mika,

    I have identified the problems associated with updating the same day of the match.

    There are 2 errors in the script phpleague-front.php

    1) line 268, 313, 330: the row:
    if (date(‘Y-m-d’) >= $row->played)
    must be modified in:
    if (date(‘Y-m-d H:i:s’) >= $row->played)

    2) it is necessary to include the line
    to have a correct Timezone.

    With these changes the update is ok. If you implement only the #1 you have a 2 hours difference (for Italy, German, etc….) for incorrect timezone.

    I have problem that is I guess attached to the updating problem, all of a sudden my “Latest results” got mixed up, it show last five but not in right order any more.. ti worked for like 10 legs up until now… now it’s mixed up… these are the last 5 results for these teams but not in right order.. any word on that?


    I had the same problem as “gipic” and I fixed doing what he did in his last post. And it works fine right now. Thx Gipic, thx Mika.


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