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    I saw that I didn’t think about many other options or they’re planned for the Premium version, so, I’m opening this thread in order to give you the chance to say what you want for the next release.

    I’ll try to integrate as many things as possible if it makes sens. Don’t shout at me if I’m not answering straight away…

    Don’t be shy 🙂

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  • rezag


    I will be trying this, will try to post back thanks



    Hi there mikaweb. I’ve been using a plugin called leaguemanager for my league needs so far and i have had to repair stuff for almost every step i take probly due to the fact that it hasn’t been updated in almost a year. However the intentions behind that plugin are some you can copy too.

    I’d be glad to help with translation to spanish.

    I can’t quite help you out with specific points yet, since i can’t add teams. Any idea why?



    WordPress database error: [Field 'venue' doesn't have a default value]

    When i try to add a club



    I may be a little too much into this. Lol.

    If you create the means in the plugin to have these tables
    and these tables

    Hell man, i’m kind of a newbie dev here but if i can help out in any way…

    Plugin Author mikaweb


    Which tag version did you download? I’ve made an update this afternoon but still not available (must be 1.2.1).

    Yeah, it will be like soccerway but only the Premium plugin.

    WordPress database error: [Field 'venue' doesn't have a default value]
    You got that error on the add a club page? Or in the edition mode?

    I don’t give a default value in the field but still, you should not get an error.

    What MySQL version do you have? Server environment?

    It’s probably a setting in your sql configuration whose not set like ours (other people who installed successfully and me). It seems to be that from what I read about similar issues. Your current setting does not accept that you insert “none” by default in the table.

    To correct that, I imagine that I need to make sure assigning default value in every field. Put that on my to-do-list.

    ALTER TABLE wp_phpleague_club CHANGE venue venue VARCHAR( 100 ) CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci NOT NULL DEFAULT ”;

    ALTER TABLE wp_phpleague_club CHANGE coach coach VARCHAR( 100 ) CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci NOT NULL DEFAULT ”;

    It might be okay. You probably need to do the same for the path fields as well.

    Plugin Author mikaweb


    I’ve updated the plugin. You may want to wait the tag 1.2.2 and keep me informed if your problem is now fixed.

    Good night and thank you for the feedback.



    Thanks man. I will update as soon as i can. Give you feedback tomorrow, Keep up the good work and remember that listening to your users is the best path to create a great plugin.

    Once again i offer myself to help out in the translation to spanish for free(because i’ll do it anyway)

    Plugin Author mikaweb


    Yeah, I keep in mind. I’ll do the French translation today then you should have the .pot file available to do so in Spanish.

    Yeah, I know that the users are really important, that’s why I opened a little blog about it and this thread.




    Morning. I’m trying out the latest version 1.2.3 and i can add clubs and teams in the league i created before.
    However, trying to enter the matches page from that league brings me this error

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ')' in _________\wp-content\plugins\phpleague\inc\admin\league_match.php on line 80

    and trying to access Results brings me

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ')' in _________\wp-content\plugins\phpleague\inc\admin\league_result.php on line 64

    I checked the lines and removed the offending pharentesis and it seems to be working fine now… in regards to these errors because when i add some matches and save the results, these do not appear. in the generated table… they are not saved.

    Do i have to add a full set of clubs/teams to the league? I only added two.

    Plugin Author mikaweb


    I didn’t drop a bracket in those 2 files when I added the text-domain. 1.2.4 fix this problem.

    That’s the procedure to follow (In 1.3 I will re-do the documentation in order to be clearer about everything):

    1. Add your teams in a league (odd/even- it doesn’t matter)
    2. Add your fixtures dates
    3. Add your matches (you can add only the first fixture if you want and have the table generated with only those results)
    4. Add your results by fixtures
    5. Add your settings – don’t forget to save at least once because you won’t have any favorite team
    6. Click on the generator link on the Dashboard page (should be generated and printed to you).
    7. Editor mode -> With the PHPLeague button, add your league in the post

    right now i’m using “leaguemanager” but would love try an other “league managment extension”…

    1. due to i’m managing a hockey league – a different scoring sys is needed: win 3 points (or in some leagues 2 points) / win overtime or penatlty shootout 2 points / loss overtime or penatlty shootout 1 point.

    2. is there a possibility to upload team logos and show them in standings?

    3. a great thing would be if you can track team and player stats and profiles. a extended scoresheet for matches where u can fill in who scored, assisted , penalties etc. 😉

    the only comprehensive tool in the net dealing this issus is:

    but i don’t like the handling and styling…

    would be nice if there will be a wordpress extensions having all this opportunities to manage a sports league.

    Plugin Author mikaweb


    1. It’s possible to change the point for a win/draw/loss. There isn’t any overtime feature yet (I don’t want to add some files to handle all the sports so I might add a new field to handle the “bonus point” per game). At the moment, you can do it from the Green Baize in the League’s Settings (I just need to check if it’s working with negative figure because right now you can add a positive number which acts as penalty points and not bonus points – adding a “-” in the figure might invert the process).

    2. Logos will be possible in the 1.3 (I think that I’ll let users upload themselves the logos in the upload/phpleague/logos/ folder and then it can be possible to select it from the backend). And yes, there will be next to the team name.

    3. Your link does not work but yes, those features will be in the Premium edition.

    Hi Mika,

    first of all I have to say that I really like your PHPLeague Plugin.

    How big are the chances that there will be a german version of it?

    Or is there a possibility to change “Pts.” to “Pkte.”, “Team to Mannschaft”, “W to S”, “D to U” and so on in the table?

    Plugin Author mikaweb


    Well, I’m currently in Berlin to improve my German so you’re going to wait a little bit when I’m the King of Goethe’s language.

    If you’ve free time in front of you, you can do it quite easily following the tutorial here:

    I can already start the German translation for the easy strings but I’ll really appreciate if someone else is doing it.

    A new version has been release with quite a few improvements (1.2.8). Try it!

    According to my schedule, I should be able to release the Premium Edition before the end of the month.

    Plugin Author mikaweb


    Few information about the Premium Edition on this page:

    I’ll be very pleased to get your reviews and ideas…

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