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    I’m gonna investigate this. Please, open an issue on Github 🙂


    I have this issue too.

    Also, the date specified in Fixtures was not carried forward to the first set of match entries in the Results input screen. Instead there was a null value on the date/time stamp fields next to each match entry.

    I manually defined the times in the date/time stamp fields and after Generate that was correctly displayed on my WP page for match results. Then I then went into Fixtures screen and Saved. As you would expect this over-wrote the values in Match screen that I had manually set, but this time it had correctly carried forward the date stamp from Fixtures screen.

    Another possibly related issue I see is in Settings, Time by Default cannot be set. I also cannot see a column for this value in database table wp_phpleague_league. It would be better if I can define say a time of 15:00:00 in Time by Default, instead I have to make do with 00:00:00 as my match time.

    I can raised issues I’ve discussed here in separate posts if it makes it easier for you mikaweb?


    I have the same problem like lonefencer with adding more matches.

    Although I have created lots of fixtures, I can’t seem to add them under the match section. Also, when I tried to click page 2, it returns me back to page 1 instead.

    Same problem for me, i really appreciate this plug-in is the best in this category, please fix it Mika… BTW can u tell me how i can translate it because i have the .po but i dont know what should i do with that

    Same problem too. It’s impossible to change matches on league. There’s always the 1st site of fixtures. How can I fix that?

    I have the same problem like lonefencer with adding more matches.

    Same problem for me. I have added the fixture dates but I can only add matches for the first date.

    Same problem here. I use wordpress 3.4 – I have downloadet the latest files from github but that didn’t fix it. It seems like the form doesn’t get updated when clicking on 2,3,4 and so on in matches. Some of the id_fixtures gets updated but not the form. I’m not a programmer but it seems like there’s some problems with id’s. I don’t have the skills to fix this myself so I would be very happy if you would have a look at it. I can send you access to my site if you need it 🙂

    And like others have mentioned, a way to use translate files. I only need to translate some few words in frontend.

    With these 2 fixes it’s a powerfull plugin you made. But i can’t use it before I can add matches hehe ;p

    Okay the translate files works.. just had to name them right 😉

    If others have problem try name them like this (danish): and phpleague-da_DK.po – put them in the i18n folder.

    when the name was it didn’t work.

    As I said in the other post i’m not a programmer.. but my own little invistigation shows that there something wrong with the get id

    // Get ID fixture
    $get_id_fixture = ( ! empty($_GET['id_fixture']) && $db->is_fixture_exists($_GET['id_fixture']) === TRUE)
        ? (int) $_GET['id_fixture'] : 1;

    If i change the last 1 to 2.. then I can edit and save fixtures for round 2.. Can anybody rewrite this so it works? The same problem occurs when trying to edit the results.. but it can be edited the same way

    Okay this is for sure not the best fix.. I’m not good at php. But it seems to work 🙂 so until there’s an update for phpleague you can try this.

    if ($_GET['id_fixture'] <= 0) { $get_id_fixture = 1;}else{
    	$get_id_fixture = $_GET['id_fixture'];}


    if ($_GET['id_fixture'] <= 0) { $id_fixture = 1;}else{
    	$id_fixture = $_GET['id_fixture'];}

    Has there been an official fix for this issue?

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