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  1. CalumCarlyle
    Posted 7 years ago #

    i've got newest versions of:

    When i installed the recent topics widget and put it in my sidebar, everything looked dandy, but it won't display any new topics made since the day i installed the plugin. I've made one new thread in phpBB since then and it hasn't shown up in a couple of days.

    What on earth can i be doing wrong, and more importantly what can i do to fix it?

    Thanks in advance..........

    PS: and it's at http://www.outofthebedroom.co.uk (which is about acoustic music) - not sure if this'll help, but what the hey....

  2. CalumCarlyle
    Posted 7 years ago #

    i know bumping threads is against the rules, but this is now on page five and it's unlikely to ever get any replies anyway, so what have i got to lose?

    if you or anybody you may know can answer this simple question about phpbb_recent_topics, i would be most grateful.

    PS: oh yes, and happy new year.

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