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  • I am so frustrated. Been working on this for a week. Trying to use this twice, but after you pull the widget to the page, it dissappears. We tried to code it by copying it and renaming it but no luck getting it to go.

    It’s doing something that is causing a conflict and I can’t figure out what it is. If I deactivate the first one, then the second one pulls from the correct forum, but it still doesn’t have the correct heading, even though the heading is correct on the admin side. If I activate the first one again, then they both show the same stuff.

    Any tips on how to use this widget twice?

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  • thomamon, please can you explain what exactly you want to do… Why would you want to place the widget onto your site twice? What differences in the “list of recent topics” would you expect to see?

    I have two separate forums I want to be shown. I will show you the example..

    Here is my forum:

    I want the Completed Trades to come up under one widget and the Trade Block on another one on the front page. As you can see the front page is at:

    I hope I explained this clearly.

    Oooooh I see :-$

    you are correct, the plug-in only supports configuration for 1 forum… I will scratch my head and think how this could be achieved.


    It this can be done, I could make a little donation for your efforts!

    Any update on this?

    You could use an RSS feed from your forum, and put that feed into the sidebar of your wordpress blog.


    I would also be very interested on that.

    Problem with phpbb RSS feeds is that all feeds are available only for some specific amount of time (not exactly sure how long it is) – if there is no new posts on some forum, feeds will not appear after some time (hope this makes sense…).

    I’d like to use this plugin multiple times with multiple forums and also display the content with excerpt on WordPress posts / pages…

    Please note this is the best WP plugin that pulls data from phpbb so far… and sadly there is not too many WP-phpbb integration tools / plugins these days…

    Regards and thank you for all your effort…

    Any updates on this? I’d very much like to use this widget twice on my page, for different forum categories…

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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