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  • Since installing the PHPBB Single Sign On modification, nobody other than myself can login.

    My account was already present in WordPress when I installed PHPBB using the same username and password as instructed. The modification works perfectly for me, when I am signed in to WordPress, I don’t have to sign in when I go to PHPBB which is exactly what I wanted.

    However, when a new user signs up now and then tries to login, it just says they have the wrong password. I have tested this myself with multiple signup attempts and every time I try to login I’m told I have the wrong password.

    Anyone know how to fix this? It is imperitive I have a single sign on for this wordpress/phpBB coallition for a website I am designing for my client.

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  • I am having the exact same problem. To be more accurate, I can start logging in once I have manually created the same username-password-email combination on both phpBB and WordPress. But even then there is a problem – when I log in to WordPress, I’m stuck at wp-login.php white blank page.

    My problem is similar but not exactly.

    I wasnt able to embed Phpbb forum into WP using wp-united because of the theme I’m using.

    This plugin is awesome!
    I had 30 members in my WP forum (using Simple:Press plugin) when I switched to PHPBB Forum.
    I had many troubles getting PHPBB Single Sign On to work but now I have all things saying OK. (I had to make sure I have it all in one database and deactivated my old forum plugin besides other problems I had, for those who might find that helpful)

    So now new users that register on Phpbb forum are automatically added to WP Users panel.
    However, old users can’t login into Phpbb forum using WP username & password.
    To add to that – I use Visitor Maps and Who’s Online plugin in WP and when the old user tries to log in to Phpbb – they show up in Who’s Online plugin on WP side but can’t login to the forum.

    Do any of you know if that means that old users “login” to WordPress when they try to access phpbb forum? In other ways, would all new users be able to login into WP (if I say create something) using their Phpbb login info?

    And is there a way for me to fix the problem so that WP users can login using their WP username and password?
    Thank you

    I installed the plugin successfully (as the admin panel reports), but i cant login to either system with users created in the opposing system (phpbb users cant log in to wp, and wp users cant log in to phpbb)

    Seems as if the plugin isnt working at all.

    I’d also like to point out that this plugin needlessly executes php via an eval statement, which is a tell-tale sign of insecure (bad) programming.

    I think i’ll take my time and write my own plugin. This one seems to be full of serious issues.

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