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  • Hi. I have cleaned up and rewritten much of the plugin in order to make it work for my site.
    Including correct error responses, captcha handling, password retrievals and more.

    Contact me if you want the patch

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  • Hey mate.

    Would be really appreciative if you could hit me up with that patch. Trying to get this working on a wordpress site I manage for a friend and it is just not wanting to play ball.

    Cheers, Adam

    skylinerspeeder at gmail dot com


    I think a lot of people would be really gratefull if you’d put your modifications on github or any other site

    It may be included in the next release of the plugin. For now, you can get it from my home computer here..:

    I tried useing Your version and I now get a lot of errors..

    Well it works for me, using 3.0.1 or later.
    You should start by getting the official version working.
    If you got 0.7.1 working without errors, back up and try my version.
    If you get errors; could you post them here?

    Also, I reverted to only supporting phpBB and WP in the same database.

    i have the trouble in 0.7.1 – e-mails not writing from WP to PHPBB database, but usernames is OK. Is it solved?

    P.S. – sorry i’m not know english )


    I like this plugin because it doesnt force wordpress user to lgoin through phpbb and vice versa. Now I am just trying this plugin.

    I found a major bug with this plugin. you can replicate this bug by trying this:

    In phpbb login, enter user name “admin” and a wrong password, it says invalid password which is true. Now go to wordpress (refresh the page) and see carefully you will find admin loggedin. If you type /wp-admin, you will get entry to the admin panel.

    Is there any solution for this? Please help.
    @aigan, your download link is not working.


    @lakhats: the link is to my home computer. I put it up on a more permanent server… Try this:


    For me, it’s seems to not work with wp2bb Fatal error: Cannot redeclare truncate_string() (previously declared in /hermes/web01/b791/moo.mysite/papotage/forum/common.php(76) : eval()'d code:3681) in /hermes/web01/b791/moo.mysite/papotage/wp-content/plugins/wp2bb/wp2bbforum.php on line 333

    I haven’t acces to the forum now. Please, help me to fix this ! 🙂

    When I log out, I get thisFatal error: Cannot redeclare class acm in /hermes/web01/b791/moo.mysite/papotage/forum/includes/acm/acm_file.php on line 24

    Thanks !

    edit : excuse me, it’s note the right topic…

    Edit: Previous post not intended for me…

    Thank for your reply. I don’t understand what you mean. 😕

    Just, please tell me how to fix the problem on my phpbb. How to restor my previous file ? The forum and the blog worked before. Even if I deactivate the plugin in the blog, phpbb is now down. 🙁

    Thank you !

    Remove the wp2bb plugin from both wp and bb

    No, I can’t because before PHPBB Single Sign On WP2BB worked fine ! And I need it.

    I’v install PHPBB Single Sign On after WP2BB.

    How can I remove what PHPBB Single Sign On have done on phpbb code ?


    I have reload my common.php file and upload your new plugin version. It’s make phpbb down again !

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare truncate_string() (previously declared in /hermes/web01/b791/moo.mysite/forum/common.php(76) : eval()'d code:3681) in /hermes/web01/b791/moo.mysite/wp-content/plugins/wp2bb/wp2bbforum.php on line 333

    So for me, your plugin doesn’t work. I absolutly need wp2bb so I pass my way.

    Hi there, I’m having some problems to configure the original plugin. I got the path from WordPress to PHPbb to work, however I can’t seem to get the opposite to work.

    both my WordPress and PHPbb instalations are in the root of my server, so the path from WP to PHPbb is “../forumdirectory”. I figured that the same would apply the other way around, but it’s not working even when I go “../sitedirectory”.

    Any help, please?

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