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  • OK as there is a new version out I will make a new list of suggested fixed for it. With out some of thees changes many users won’t be able to login!

    module.phpbb.php line 163, change:
    $sql = 'UPDATE ' . USERS_TABLE . ' SET user_password="' . $hashed . '",user_pass_convert=0,user_last_search=1 WHERE username = "' . $username . '"';
    $sql = 'UPDATE ' . USERS_TABLE . ' SET user_password="' . $hashed . '",user_pass_convert=0,user_last_search=1 WHERE username_clean = "' . utf8_clean_string($username) . '"';

    module.phpbb.php line 203, change:
    FROM ' . USERS_TABLE . " WHERE username = '" . $name . "'";
    FROM ' . USERS_TABLE . " WHERE username_clean = '" .utf8_clean_string($name) . "'";

    module.wp.php line 78, get_profile is depricated, change:
    return get_profile('id', $user);
    return (int) get_user_id_from_string($user);

    I might find more as a test it out in the next couple of weeks.

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  • Could you help me set it up on my board?

    Probably better that you create your own topic rather then hijack this one. I might look in to helping other one i have mine fully running with the new version.


    What is your site url if you dont mind so i can see how it works? It’s currently running with 0.7.1, not much to look at as fare as the plugin goes.

    Just tested it. It works awesome! Wish i could get mine working.

    module.phpbb.php line 28:
    define('IN_PHPBB', true);

    if(!defined('IN_PHPBB')) {
                define('IN_PHPBB', true);

    module.phpbb.php line 252:
    " WHERE username = '" . esc_sql($name) . "'";
    " WHERE username_clean = '" . esc_sql(utf8_clean_string($name)) . "'";

    files/auth_wpbb.php line 62:
    WHERE username = '" . $db->sql_escape($username) . "'";
    WHERE username_clean = '" . $db->sql_escape(utf8_clean_string($username)) . "'";

    This last one is also very importat if you care about your forum being found on google!

    files/common.php line 121 add:
    header("HTTP/1.0 200 OK");

    Thanks for these fixes! Sent you an email.

    I am running wordpress 3.2.1, PHPbb3 3.0.9, and version 0.8.5 of this plugin. I have most of it working, but what I cannot get to work is the backwards login from PHPbb to WordPress. I can only get the login to work one way. Where do I need to look in order to modify the code for this to work?

    mrpinkcricut you should starte a new topic as it is not related to this one.



    Do i have to make those changes to PHPBB Single Sign On v0.8.5 and phpBB v3.0.9 (UTF-8), to make it work.

    I installed half-ok, but then it kick me out WP, and admin passwords are wrong. After deleting folder and put backup files to phpbb.

    And is any update comming?

    Can you please tell me which is the latest version. 0.8.5 or 2.0.6 stated on your site?

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