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  1. Warning to everybody using the PHP Code Widget.
    I've just released version 2.0.

    Upgrading to this version from an older version will make your existing PHP Code widgets disappear and/or lose the code in them.

    Copy and paste that code into a text file or something BEFORE you upgrade. Then recreate the widgets afterwards.

    Sorry, but 2.0 is a big change. It's a rework of the widget using the new 2.8 class methods. So the data about the old widget will probably get lost in the upgrade. Can't be helped.

    If you upgraded already and lost your info, don't panic. Look in the database for the widget_execphp key in the options table. Your code may still be in there. You'll need to access the database directly to get it though. Use phpMyAdmin.


  2. Okay, that didn't happen (all my widgies stayed in place), but they all suddenly got <br /> shoved in after every line break, which played merry cob with my site :/

  3. Good thing that your widgets stuck around. I didn't expect that. Didn't work in my testing, so I figured I'd better warn everybody. :)

    Anyway, 2.1 fixes the wpautop problem.

  4. chrishajer
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I wish there were a way for warnings like this to appear on the 'upgrade is available' screen in the WordPress admin, or maybe you could be shown a warning like this when you click the 'upgrade automatically' link, to prevent bad things from happening. These are WordPress issues, not yours.

    Thank you for changing the major version number to at least prompt me to look hard at what changed to ensure nothing gets broken. And thank you Otto for updating your plugin.

  5. I read the changelog (always do) so I knew going in, but still, I upgraded with no problems.

    And it all works happily now, yaaaay!

  6. chrishajer
    Posted 6 years ago #

    My only beef with the automatic upgrade system is that the message is the same no matter what's going to happen:

    "There is a new version of Executable PHP widget available. View version 2.1 Details or upgrade automatically."

    No warning there about potential problems. Maybe we just need to get the word out more to not upgrade blindly and to read the Details before upgrading.

  7. Use the Changelogger plugin.


    If the author creates the changelog in the readme.txt (like they should), then the changelog entry shows up below the plugin box when there is an upgrade available, before you actually upgrade.

  8. r-a-y
    Posted 6 years ago #


    I know that plugins can hook into the admin plugins page notifying you of new changes.

    Off the top of my head, I know GD Star Rating does this.

    Here's a quick screenie:

  9. chrishajer
    Posted 6 years ago #

    @Otto42, thanks for pointing me to that plugin. I installed changelogger and here is a screenshot.


    The additional information shown doesn't really show the warnings that are at the end of the readme.txt. And getting to the readme.txt actually takes quite a few clicks from that screen to the revision log. I'm not complaining for my own benefit, but to prevent others from having a problem with a major upgrade to a critical plugin (it is critical for those who use it) that could completely stop working. Thank you for the plugin and your comments, but I think I still wish there were a better way to warn people of the potential for major problems on a plugin upgrade.

    WordPress is becoming point and click idiot proof, so things like this are happening less and less frequently. The one click upgrade has lulled people into not backing up any more, they just click and it works to upgrade WordPress. Most plugins work the same way. But when there's a major upgrade to a plugin, things like this can happen. I am just hoping there is a way to warn people before it happens.

    Thanks again.

  10. chrishajer
    Posted 6 years ago #

    After all the discussion, backing up my widgets and using the plugin upgrade, all my widgets are still there and everything appears to be working just fine. I wonder in what circumstances the widgets get lost since Ipstenu and both didn't lose any widgets.

  11. chrishajer: The 2.0 upgrade would have shown said warning. 2.1 upgrade from 2.0 didn't have the same problem, as such. It would be nice if Changelogger showed all versions between the current one and the latest one, instead of only the latest one.

    As far as the lost widgets thing goes, perhaps it was just me and my warning was unnecessary. Still, better safe than sorry, I suppose.

  12. chrishajer
    Posted 6 years ago #

    It would be nice if Changelogger showed all versions between the current one and the latest one

    Agreed. Thank you.

  13. chrishajer
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Just noticed this today for an upgrade available to W3 Total Cache. Nicely done:


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