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  • Hi friends, I´m using this great plugin and I have a little problem.

    I instaled the plugin and put active and unactive and then I have the .css links and .js links this plugin add on the page header repeated and this makes thickbox and page don´t works so well.

    Where can I revise and clean the css and js loading on my header by plugins. I know my theme but I don´t know where can I see this.

    I hope antbody can understand to me and help.

    Thanks a lot and best regards

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  • Well I found add_actions on the main.php file for this plugin.

    There are any plugin or something to see all the hooks applied and can remove the repeated or something ?

    Hi Tomasrg,

    Take a look in your index.php file and see if wp_head() shows up more than once.

    If that’s not the problem, then you might go through your plugins, turning them off one-by-one to see if one of them might be loading them improperly. The correct way to load .js and .css is via the wp_enquque_script() and wp_enquque_style() functions, which PhotoSmash uses. Some plugins, however hardcode the .js files, which doesn’t get picked up by those 2 functions and therefore get duplicated.

    If you’d like, either post a link or send me a message with a link and I’ll take a look at the page and see if I can see anything that might be causing the issue.


    Hi Byron, nice to read you. Great work with this plugin, I found very usefull for my site. I hope you can continue making stable with new core updates.

    You´re on the right, There are another plugin that makes this.

    The plugin is social connect ( )

    When I active this plugin wp_head loads two or three times.

    Hi Tomas,

    Glad you figured it out!


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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