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  • Dear Sayontan,

    hope you can help a bit to explore my possibilities.

    This is want I like to have set up:

    I created a protected wordpress page. On this page I like to display private flickr photos (photoset)
    Now when I enable private photos in photonic, users on that protected wordpress page are shown the authentication login page. However, I do not like this authentication. I do not want to force my friends and family members to sign up with flickr/yahoo/google/fb. Is there any other way that I can display private flickr photos on a protected wordpress page without a second authentication? Is it not possible to create a technical user (which is a friend or family member) that is authenticated by a call in the background so that the photoset/gallery shows up right away when the user types in the password for the protected wordpress page?

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


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  • Plugin Author Sayontan Sinha


    Well, WP authentication and Flickr authentication are two different beasts, totally independent of each other. If your WP page is protected, and your Flickr albums are not, then your site’s visitors will be able to see the photos included via the plugin when they put in the WP password. However, any visitor to your Flickr account who visits your account via a Google search will see the photos.

    In short, you cannot combine the two authentication mechanisms. Basically think of this like a account, where your Mint account has a login and password, and then you specify individual logins and passwords for each bank that you want to link. Unless you are authenticated to the bank, you will not be able to see your account details simply using your Mint login.

    Photonic or any other plugin simply cannot do anything in this regard.

    Ok, thanks for your reply!
    I had a look at the API…strange that there is not a solution for it. Weird and strange that people must login into flickr if they like to see my protected flickr photos and that it is not possible to use an automated authentication. To make your picture more precise that would mean I have to be customer with your bank, log in with my credentials in order to get your account balance. How strange is that….
    If you gave me your login credentilas and the rights to see you account balance, your bank should not bother whether I am a customer or not. You can give your crendentials to anybody in the world to let them see you account balance (even if it is a machine or…what is problem with it.
    Stupid flickr app 🙁

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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