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  • Thank you for fixing the SmugMug shortcodes recently.

    1) The SmugMug shortcode is currently in this format: [smugmug_albums album=”My Album Name”]
    -Can that be changed to [smugmug_albums album=”albumID_albumKEY”] ?
    -That way, if the album name changes, I don’t have to remember (and take the time) to update the shortcode.

    2) Can there be an option for which image size gets linked to? Right now, it seems to default to …-X2-1.jpg
    -For example: [smugmug_albums album=”albumID_albumKEY” size=”M”] or “O” or “X1”, etc.

    2.5) You could have this instead:
    [smugmug_albums album=”albumID_albumKEY” initial_size=”Th” size=”M”]
    -This would be even better, that way, I could pull “Th” (thumbnail) or “S” (small) images directly to the page and could have “M” size upon click.
    -Or just load all of them as “X1” or “X2” or “O” directly to the page so I can use another script to handle the on-page display.

    3) Can there be “exclude” option?
    For example: [smugmug_albums album=”17788038_fwNgzJ” exclude=”1360622697_32XCvBx,1360622732_pFbtGwd,1360622697_32XCvBx” initial_size=”Th” size=”M”]
    -Obviously, entering each photo’s id_key isn’t ideal, but at least having that functionality would be AMAZING!

    3.5) Another sort of Exclude option could be a default setting in the general settings:
    -show_video = “no”
    -because video preview image isn’t video and doesn’t pull in the Play button – just an image. Boo. (not your fault, just the way SmugMug serves it up I would guess)

    P.S. You know, you can have your own free SmugMug Pro account if you’re developing stuff:

    Developer Accounts
    Anyone building something for all SmugMug customers to use, we’ll start you off with a free full featured Pro account with all the bells and whistles for 1-year! If you continue to fully support your application, enhance it and fix bugs, we’ll make that account free even longer. Simply send an email to: letting us know what your application will do and a link to some of your prior work.
    Already have an account? Just include it in your email.


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  • Plugin Author MartyThornley


    Hi Cliff,
    Great ideas…
    I am actually working on a new version of Photographer Connections and the SEO Image Galleries plugin. They are both getting major overhauls, especially the SmugMug portion and will tie together for some pretty cool gallery options – buy this image links, use smugmug images in any SEO gallery, etc.

    Thanks for the headsup on the smugmug account. We already have one though, as we are now official partners with SmugMug at and are about to announce some really cool features to bring them both together.

    I may not have the choose an image size option in this one, but a great idea for the future.

    Thanks for the feedback. Glad you like the ideas and are keeping up with it. I found this resource: – it pulls image sizes

    I decided to use that so I could exclude and order the items I wanted (typically, just remove the video files and leave in the same order). Then I implemented a pure JavaScript plugin (not a WordPress plugin) and just put those img src=”http://…” code in a div and it works just as I wanted (except it doesn’t stay in sync with SmugMug, but that’s okay for my specific use).

    Thanks and I look forward to the updates!

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