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  • Plugin Author MartyThornley


    Hey Cliff,
    No known conflicts that I know of. It is a pretty simple plugin, really.

    However, depending on when you got it, I had trouble with uploading a new version to the repository last time and it got stuck with half the plugin there, half missing. I think was stuck like that for at least a few days before I got around to getting the full version up there.

    Try again now. It’s all there. 🙂

    Tried again. This time my front-end site was visible but everything related to the back-end (e.g. http://…/wp-admin/) was just a blank screen again. No errors or pop-ups or anything; just blank. I deleted plugin’s folder via FTP and back-end worked again…

    I hope we can get this working. If you want a login, just let me know. It’s just a test site/setup (that I’m trying NOT to BREAK, lol).

    Plugin Author MartyThornley


    I just tried an install straight from the repository and it worked fine. So I don’t know what else could be causing it except the theme you are using or maybe an incorrect install of wordpress itself?

    I’d be happy to look at it but it would have to be at my hourly rate. I release the plugins as is hoping they will help others but I can’t support the infinite number of server configurations, themes, plugins etc. that might conflict with it.

    Contact me through my site or at marty at martythornley dot com if you want specific help and I’m sure we can figure it out.

    My test WP setup hasn’t given me issues before. I went through all my active photo/gallery-related plugins and deactivated them. Then I re-dl and re-installed this plugin, activated, and had no issues. I guess there was some conflict with another plugin. Thanks for proving it was a problem on my end. 🙂 Now I can play with it… 🙂

    Topic change–first impressions:
    1) Here’s what I noticed right away. In the SmugMug settings it says “What is this? Each time we get the SmugMug albums, we try to save them to the site to save time and help pages load faster.
    If you have new albums that don’t seem to be showing up, check this box and we” — why the cutoff sentence(s)?

    2) I see this at the bottom of the SmugMug settings page:
    Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Exception’ with message ‘SmugMug API Error for method smugmug.images.get: empty set – no images found’ in /home/…<Cliff removed>…/wp-content/plugins/photographer-connections/modules/smugmug/phpsmug/phpSmug.php:377 Stack trace: #0 /home/…<Cliff removed>…/wp-content/plugins/photographer-connections/modules/smugmug/phpsmug/phpSmug.php(619): phpSmug->request(‘images.get’, Array) #1 /home/…<Cliff removed>…/wp-content/plugins/photographer-connections/modules/smugmug.php(145): phpSmug->__call(‘images_get’, Array) #2 /home/…<Cliff removed>…/wp-content/plugins/photographer-connections/modules/smugmug.php(145): phpSmug->images_get(‘AlbumID=1519876…’, ‘AlbumKey=edTdE’, ‘Heavy=1’) #3 /home/…<Cliff removed>…/wp-content/plugins/photographer-connections/modules/smugmug.php(268): blogsite_connect_get_smugmug_thumb() #4 /home/…<Cliff removed>…/wp-content/plugins/photographer-connections/modules/smugmug.php(99): blogsite_connect_smugmug_preview() in /home/…<Cliff removed>…/wp-content/plugins/photographer-connections/modules/smugmug/phpsmug/phpSmug.php on line 377

    –Basically, that AlbumID was an “unlisted” and “empty” gallery (SmugMug’s terminology) titled “SmugShots”. I deleted this gallery, refreshed my WordPress SmugMug settings page, and that long error went away.
    Know anything about this issue?

    3) I see the imported SmugMug galleries have shortcodes assigned to them. There are several plugins that do this. I though, however, that this plugin would pull in each photo separately. Is that not the case? I cannot choose just certain photos from a gallery?


    I inserted a gallery’s shortcode in a Post after a URL. Does your plugin make the gallery display above all other content–at the top of the Post?

    Oh, and I forgot to tell you that videos show up in the feed’s results as photos. Basically, pulling the “video preview image,” not the actual video.

    Plugin Author MartyThornley


    1) Thx. Will edit that line in next version.

    2) Hmmm.. thx for the error codes. Next time I sit down with the plugin I’ll try to fix that. Maybe I need to test first whether the album is listed before trying to display it.

    3) It doesn’t do one image at a time, just one gallery or album at a time.

    For now, yeah the shortcode would print at the top of the post. There is a fix for that and I can add it to the next version. Basically I assumed that this would be the only thing in the post I guess. Forgot to account for that. 🙂

    The video thing is interesting. I’ll check that out too.

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