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    Has anyone else had this issue? I am on a shared server and started having issues. I notice when in wp admin, site is constantly trying to connect to dropper.

    There used to be a website for them and it is not working today. have they gone kaput?

    It was useful but too many 500 errors so I went back to Zemanta.

    Wondering if anyone had these same types of issues and was able to resolve.

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  • Plugin Author photodropper


    Miz.Michele — Everything is back up and running.

    We had some server issues for a couple hours yesterday, but everything is back up and running. 🙂

    Let us know if you hit any other snags.

    -Nick & The PhotoDropper Team

    issue happening again today 🙁

    Yeah I have the same issue. Their website is also getting a 504 Gateway timeout. Bit of a pain really. Will deactivate for now as it is really slowing down our wordpress.

    Is there a way that we can pull out of the database all the photos used, in which posts, and what reference we need to give to be legal? Because of this continues I will need to permanently remove Photodropper – too many writers complaining.

    Or another fix foryourselves is to rewrite it so that it doesn’t call photodropper on every click on every page of the admin section – i.e. do a couple of “if” statements in your code so only when your admin page has appeared, then it can go to app.photodropper…

    Thanks. Hope you can get this fixed as it is a great app!

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    This is happening to me at this moment. I have been trying to log into my website for 15 minutes. On Safari there was no notification. On Firefox it is stuck at “Connected to”

    Sadly, I only reactivated this plugin last week.
    Unfortunately, I need to get into my site because my free offer has expired & I need to change the link. Furthermore, I have to leave town today in about an hour.

    I’m not too happy.

    And, finally, I haven’t been too successful in finding useful photos (my purposes are pretty specific) with this app. So I will definitely delete it if I can ever get into my site.

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    Update: I logged into my WP site using FTP, thanks to a helpful suggestion from a colleague. I deleted the Photodropper plugin. I was immediately able to log in & work in my site.

    I will not be using Photodropper again

    Plugin Author photodropper


    Hey all –

    Apologies for the troubles you’ve been having!

    I believe everything should be running smoothly again and we’re keeping an eye on things to be sure of it.

    Of course continue to let us know if you see any further issues.

    Nicky Hajal
    PhotoDropper Developer

    ? nope, still as the first comment from Miz.Michele:
    “site is constantly trying to connect to dropper.”, also impossible to use the site !! ?

    Looks like the photodropper site itself is down today. Firebug says that link is taking 4+ minutes to load. For some reason, every single admin page is loading it, rather than just the pages where it’s used. This has made my backend unusable.

    I’m frustrated that my site’s usability is dependant on – is there any way for this loading to just fail gracefully if it doesn’t happen in x seconds?

    Plugin Author photodropper


    Hey Guys,

    So sorry for all the trouble! It’s totally unacceptable and we’ve been working hard to prevent this from happening.

    We just migrated our whole server architecture to prevent the site from ever hanging and it seems to be very solid now.

    Tomorrow we will be pushing an update which will make it such that the PhotoDropper app will never be able to block your admin area or affect the responsiveness of your site.

    So sorry for the trouble, thanks for using PhotoDropper!

    Nicky Hajal
    PD Developer

    Part of the new release requires signing up for an account in order to use PhotoDropper, then waiting for an approval email that gives you the choice to confirm and receive email messages from PhotoDropper, or not to confirm.

    Opt outs of this type are illegal in California – they require an opt in rather than opt out. You specifically note this law in your privacy policy.

    Snip from the email I got to confirm in order to be able to log in:


    Click the link above to give us permission to send you
    information. It’s fast and easy! If you cannot click the
    full URL above, please copy and paste it into your web

    If you do not want to confirm, simply ignore this message.

    Section 10 of your privacy policy:

    10. California Online Privacy Protection Act

    PhotoDropper complies fully with California’s online privacy legislation. We don’t disclose your personal information unless it is for a purpose described in this Privacy Policy or you have specifically opted in to do so. If you have any questions about how we collect, use, or disclose your information, please contact

    I created an account, but am unable to log in and use the service. If I type my password incorrectly I get a message saying it’s wrong, if I type it correctly the fields clear. (Chrome on Linux) I don’t seem to be able to log into your website to get a cookie. From my point of view, this plugin has gone from crippling my website to being unusable.

    Plugin Author photodropper


    Hey tanglisha,

    So sorry you’re having trouble!

    I’ll take a look into why you’re having trouble with logging in.

    However, it’s important to note that you don’t *need* to create an account unless you want to use premium images and some more features we’ll be releasing soon.

    In terms of opt-out/in – my understanding is that since you are required to click the link (that’s opting-in) to confirm your participation we meet the requirements, but I’ll look into it further!


    I searched for a photo, clicked the photo, and am given two choices. Insert into Post (1 Credit) and Back to Search:. When I click Insert into Post, I am required to log in or register to do anything.

    All I did was type in a search term, the same as I’d done with older versions. Ahhh, I see. There are now headers on the left and right of returned images, one says 100% Free Photos and one that says Premium Quality. For some reason, those headers were not loading last night.

    When I click on images on the left, I can insert them as usual. Only the images on the right give me issues.

    Plugin Author photodropper


    Tanglisha —

    Exactly. The images to the right are premium images and require an account.

    If you are looking for the creative commons images, they are to the left and don’t require an account.

    It’s also important to note that you can change the width of both columns by dragging the border between them. 🙂

    Let us know if you hit any other snags.

    -Nick Reese
    Co-Founder of PhotoDropper

    I was the OP and I had deleted it because I was having too many issues but I did like it.

    So it working now? or are there are still problems?

    Plugin Author photodropper


    Miz.Michele —

    Things are running smoothly with PhotoDropper.

    We’ve revised how the plugin CSS/JS is loaded and it shouldn’t cause any issues on our site if our plugin is down — besides PhotoDropper not loading, but even all that is delivered via CDN so there shouldn’t be issues with that either.

    Hope this helps.

    -Nick | CoFounder of PhotoDropper

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