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  • Something weird is happening with the latest version of Photodropper. It’s showing the wrong picture in the post.

    When I scrolled down the front page of the blog I noticed this. The plugin is switching around the photos in the posts. For instance, photo A should be in post 1, but it’s displaying in post 2. Or, the post has 2 images and they are switched. Also, a couple of posts show the same image.

    I checked the html of the posts, copied and pasted the link to the image and the correct image shows up. Therefore, I know that it’s not a corruption of the original HTML somehow.

    So, when I deactivated the plugin, the problem went away. (Surprise! Not.) I am using a caching plugin and WP multisite; I don’t know if either of these are affecting the output. But, I didn’t have this problem using the versions prior to 2.0 along with a caching plugin. However, I’m not willing to change my base WP setup because one plugin is malfunctioning. Especially since I had a problem with this plugin previously.

    It worked great prior to version 2. I’m going to revert to 1.9. If it seems like I’m irritated with this plugin, well I am.

    The one time I did use the new version of the plugin, I liked the new interface for choosing an image. I don’t like the resulting output in the post; however, I prefer the old style. But, that I can live with. I can’t live with choosing an image specifically to illustrate a post and then it randomly showing up somewhere else.

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