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[Resolved] [Plugin: PGI Inventory Plugin] Getting and unknown error when trying to add a new vehicle

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  • I tried the new version and still get the error.

    Plugin Author Phillip.Gooch


    What browser are you using? The issue seems to be related to the image uploader, are you seeing a normal file upload field or can you drag and drop images into it?

    I am seeing a normal upload field and it lets me upload images, you can see them when they upload but after you hit enter they disappear and there is just a red box there.
    I also tried it without uploading an image and got the same results. I am using firefox. I will try with ie and chrome. You can also send me an email at maryellen@mvmediawebsolutions.com and I will send you a login to test with.
    I upgraded to the last release and now I need a registration code, I am not sure how to get one. This site will only have manually added vehicles on it, probably just a few at a time.
    Very nice plugin by the way, can’t wait to get it up and running.

    Plugin Author Phillip.Gooch


    What version of Firefox? I can run a check against it early next week and see what I can do to get it working again. As for the registration, thats all outside of my control, your’ll have to contact pgi auto and talk to them about it (I don’t set any of that up I just build the plugin)

    I am using 10.0.1. I loaded the latest version of the plugin and I cannot add my own vehicles. I have kinetic jackel loaded. So I have not been able to try it with any other browser. Did they take away the ability to add your own vehicle?

    Add a column named ‘File’ with the text attribute in the pgi table in your database. That will fix you up.

    Why is this plugin so shoddy?

    nopain180 is right on the money. Create the new table column in mySQL to tackle the fieldset error. The image uploader is the prob.

    I also ran around in circles for a while on a test site, because selecting the display page from their little drop down wouldn’t work (blank screen). Turns out permalinks have to be pretty to get the content to show up on the page (just a little tip for the testers).

    There is also a rogue apostrophe in inventory.php on line 177.

    User experience on the plugin site is… well, it’s bad. It gave me a minor anxiety attack.

    Thanks so much nopain180 and kgw535s. I updated the plugin and now they are requiring registration. It sends you to their website and there is no information! Then to make it worse I called and then sent me around to several people before someone called me back and said the company doesn’t know what the direction is that they are going in!
    I am out of my mind but there is no other plugin I can find that will do what I need.

    can one of you please zip up your plugin and send it to me? please?
    my email is maryellen@mvmediawebsolutions.com.

    I would really appreciate it.

    Plugin Author Phillip.Gooch


    I’ve logged both the file (which, while I can’t reproduce I know how to fix thanks to nopain180) and the errant apostrophe in our change log software. I’ve been pulled off this project for the time being but they will both be corrected in the next version. I’ll also try to find out what there doing in terms of registration (I’ve hard mixed things, both that there doing it on a limited basis and there not doing it yet, unfortunatly I’m never kept in the loop on such things).

    Plugin Author Phillip.Gooch


    I had a change to talk about the plugin with management today. The plugin is free for anybody with using autobase to help manage their inventory, if you do not have autobase we can contact PGI and have it set up. The autobase service costs $149/mo

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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