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[Plugin: PGI Inventory Plugin] Can this work without Autobase

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  • I’d love to know the answer to that, as well. As a motorcycle shop, I have no use for Autobase, but this looks like a great plugin!

    Sure can! If only the developers would give you a viable way to register.

    Well, just got off the phone with the folks at PGI Auto – the company behind this plugin. This is no longer a free plugin. PGI Auto has priced this piece at $149 per month without the Autobase subscription. That’s just way, way, way too pricey for a small shop like me.

    Too bad, really…it looked very promising. Oh, well.

    Plugin Author Phillip.Gooch


    You can now register by contacting PGI Auto. If your already using the AutoBase management system then the plugin is free. Autobase is a nation wide vehicle inventory management service offering a full suite of services. If you are not an autobase PGI Auto can help you get set up. Autobase costs $149/mo.

    There should be a single time fee coming as well, but the details of that have not yet been worked out.

    As I said above, I own a motorcycle shop. Autobase does nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, for me. My understanding was that this plugin was able to run without Autobase so long as it was registered.

    My efforts to register the plugin ended up revealing the $149 monthly fee without the Autobase subscription.

    Either PGI hasn’t quite figured out how to price/market this plugin, or it does not operate as advertised.

    Regardless of the case, at $149/mo this plugin couldn’t possibly generate enough revenue to justify purchase, especially for a motorcycle shop that has no need for an automobile inventory feed.

    Plugin Author Phillip.Gooch


    The $149/mo price would have included an autobase subscription even if you didn’t use it (while they primarily focus on cars they do supports motocycles as well). Like I said we do plan to offer a one time fee for registration in the hopefully near future but I don’t know when that might be (like I said, I just built the plugin, I don’t have any control over how they want to handel the registration process).



    Phillip.Gooch – any chance of creating a similar plugin outside of Autobase? It seems like there would be a strong market…in fact, I would pay a reasonable one=time or annual fee (with updates) for a plugin with this functionality.

    Plugin Author Phillip.Gooch


    Sorry for the late reply. This plugin does work without autobase for a one time fee or, alternatively we can convert a feed into an autobase-style feed for use with the plguin for a monthly fee (with the additional craigslist posting features included with the monthy plan).

    If you’d like more information about either option you should contact dustin@pgiauto.com

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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