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  • Actually, admins can’t consistently see it. Here is my cause page:

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    And here’s a link to the screenshot of a personal fundraising page as I’m logged in as an admin:

    and again as a user (role of subscriber):

    The edit button doesn’t show in either case. I’m sure this is an issue somehow on our end, but I can’t figure it out. I thought perhaps it was somehow a permission thing, but if that was the case, wouldn’t I as an admin be able to see it no matter what?

    Plugin Author John Kleinschmidt


    You need to use the [pfund-edit] shortcode to display the edit button.

    There’s a link to the cause in the editor – sorry the code I pasted in above got edited out because it was too long.

    I do have [pfund-edit] in. It’s not showing.

    Plugin Author John Kleinschmidt


    Its probably a permissions issue. You can only edit your own campaigns. Does the edit button show up when you create a new campaign from the cause (eg go to the cause screen and click on the x to close the popup window and see if the edit button shows up there)?

    Beyond that, I would check the Personal Fundraising settings page in the Admin Dashboard to see what types of User Roles that can submit campaigns. Only the user roles that are checked will be able to edit campaigns.

    Hi – I checked the cause page: and the edit button does show up there.

    I had previously set the plugin so that only Admins could create submit campaigns. I changed it so every role could submit to see if that would make the edit button available, and I still could not see the edit button on campaigns, either as an admin, or as a logged in user (role subsciber) looking at that user’s campaign.

    Plugin Author John Kleinschmidt


    Can you edit the campaigns from the administrative dashboard (eg. click on Campaigns from the dashboard menu)? Also when you look at the campaign listing can you verify that the user listing in the admin campaign listing page is the same user you are attempting to edit with?

    I can edit the campaigns from the dashboard as an Administrator.

    When I look at the Campaign listing, the user listing column shows the username of the Administrator who approved each campaign, not the actual user who submitted the campaign.

    Also, in the campaigns themselves, the existing users’ email address’s are not being passed through to the campaigns.

    Is that necessary in order for each campaign to be connected to the user account, which would then make the edit button available?

    Plugin Author John Kleinschmidt


    The plugin requires that you collect a user display name and a user email address in order to correctly display the avatar as well as to send emails to the user when their campaign is approved and when donations are made to their campaign. I am not sure if that is why they are assigned to the administrator who approved each campaign. If you look at a campaign that is currently pending, is it assigned to a user?

    I have the user display name and user email address both set as required

    though when completing the form at it doesn’t ask for an email address unless you have a reason to choose “Register” after creating your campaign.

    If I look at a pending campaign, it doesn’t show any user.

    Also, in case you needed to see this:

    Login Required to Create (not checked)
    Allow Users To Register (checked)
    Campaigns Require Approval (checked)
    User Roles that can submit campaigns
    Administrator (checked)
    Editor (not checked)
    Author (not checked)
    Contributor (not checked)
    Subscriber (not checked)
    Calendar Contributor (not checked)

    Plugin Author John Kleinschmidt


    If you want to allow regular users to create and edit campaigns, you need to have the checkbox checked for “Subscriber”.

    The reason that email isn’t being collected is that the shortcode isn’t on your cause. If you want to collect it, but not display it, edit the cause, clicking on the “HTML” tab in the cause editor and adding the following at the top:
    <!– [pfund-email-address] –>

    If we collect it, and an existing user puts an email there different than the email already associated with their account, with that cause a problem? We didn’t collect it in the first place because I just KNOW that’s going to happen.

    Plugin Author John Kleinschmidt


    It shouldn’t cause a problem… that email address is only used to send emails to the person who created a campaign. It doesn’t have to match the email address associated to that user.

    So I changed the checkboxes to allow Subscribers, Editors and Contributors to submit and edit…

    And added the commented out {pfund-email-address} to the cause.

    I logged out as an admin, started a campaign from scratch from the front end, registering as a new user. That worked perfectly – it showed the username on the admin panels the whole way and I can see the edit button as that logged in user.

    I logged out as that user, started a campaign from scratch from the front, as an existing user, logging in after creating my campaign.

    And here’s where I figured out what’s happening, and I now know how to fix it, but I’d like to know if you know how to help me fix the existing campaigns…

    I didn’t build this site – it existed before me. 🙂 It has a login redirect for users which send them to a particular page. So when existing users got to this part of the process, where they needed to login after creating their page to “make this page viewable to others,” they WERE logging in, but they were returned to the page which then shows the popup that says their page is awaiting approval, and until then they can access it at …

    I just caught this.

    I took off that redirect for an existing user, then tried the whole campaign creation again, and it created perfectly, with their username associated with the campaign and all. And, when logged in as that user, viewing the campaign page, the edit button is viewable.

    So, technically, all is well if I take away the redirects upon login for these users (which is kind of fine, I think I can work that out with their web guy by showing him a simpler way, anyway).

    But, for the EXISTING campaigns which it seems like now have no user associated (or, maybe only the admin user who approved them?), is there a way to go back and associate them with their original submitter? It’s like somewhere along the way the process was disconnected…

    Plugin Author John Kleinschmidt


    Ahh… that makes sense…

    As far as associating campaigns to the original submitter, I don’t think you can do that, but you can update those campaigns so that emails go to the correct person (assuming you have emails for those people). Unfortunately the best you can do with the existing ones is to update them as an admin. They will then only be editable by the admin, but that is better than a non existent user.

    Hi John,

    Me again. I know we’ve covered this already, but I have to ask again just to be sure our only option isn’t scraping what we’ve done so far. Is there a table somewhere where I could change the user id associated with a campaign? The more we’re using it, the more this is a problem (created on our end of course…).

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