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  1. Asitis
    Posted 5 years ago #


    So I'm using the Members plugin to restrict backend functionality and add site-functionality. I installed Gigs Calendar aswell. Now I want the people in the custom role to do nothing but edit their profile and have access to the Gigs Calendar.

    Now inside Gigs Calendar there's a function to set the minimum user level to use the plugin, though these are limited to the standard WordPress levels;

    $levels = array(
    	'level_0' => __('Subscriber', $gcd),
    	'level_1' => __('Contributor', $gcd),
    	'level_2' => __('Author', $gcd),
    	'level_5' => __('Editor', $gcd),
    	'level_8' => __('Administrator', $gcd),

    Using the Members plugin I created a new role, but it seems to have no level at all, because I manually added all the levels from 0 to 8, but none worked.
    Now in the Members plugin there's a functionality to add custom capabilities. Great, but how do I find out what they are? I found a site saying you'd need the 'capability_type' hook, of which I can't find any...

    How, how, how do I set permissions for plugin usage? This isn't documented anywhere, at all?!
    If someone can help, I'd be eternal grateful.

  2. Asitis
    Posted 5 years ago #

    ...nobody? I cant imagine no one else ever had this problem?

  3. asimac2001
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I dont really know the solution but I can tell you about my situation which is related...
    I created custom role with members plugin and in post edit author dropdown box I cannot see users that are assigned to custom role. I tried investigating and found out that only roles 'contributor' and higher populate author drodown box by default.

    I havent found a way to define user level for new custom role created with members plugin...

    In the meantime I suggest You to try 'Admin menu editor' plugin to restrict users from accessing certain parts of back-end :)

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