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  • Hi there,
    Thanks for this great plugin.

    I wanted to report to things… a feature suggestion, and what appears to be a bug.
    First the bug:
    Under some circumstances I get the error, Fatal error: Function name must be a string in /home/jonathan/public_html/site/wp-content/plugins/permalink-finder/permalink-finder.php on line 478

    I was getting this error in the back-end when I had AskApache Google 404 plugin activated at the same time as Permalink Finder. I have since decided not to use AskApache because it created too many layout issues I didn’t want to spend time fixing.

    But now that I have reactivated Permalink Finder I am getting the same error message at times in the front-end.

    For instance, it seems to happen when there is a number at the beginning of the URL (e.g.

    Please advise how I can help you with resolving this.

    I am wondering if there is a way to display a message above the post content when an article has been found via a Permalink Finder redirect? What I am thinking is this… when someone plugs in a bad URL and they end up on a page different from the one they were hoping for, I’d like them to know first WHY they are seeing a different page, and second HOW they can perhaps get to the page they wanted.

    It would be nice to be able to display a message (customisable by the Admin) such as,

    “The link or address you used didn’t match any on this site. You have arrived at this page through automatic redirection based on our best guess of what you were looking for.
    Not the page you were looking for?
    Here are some alternatives:
    Or perhaps try doing a search:

    Then they would see a Admin defined number of alternative links, and there would be a search box. I imagine this appearing above the post content of the page they are redirected to. Of course, it would be Admin optional as to whether or not this feature is activated.

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  • Plugin Author kpgraham


    I found the bug and I will release the next version in a day or so, when I finish testing.

    If you are impatient you can download the beta version that I am working on.

    You suggestion for a reason is a good one. I have thought about doing it, but it may involve some more intricate code.

    Basically, there are three reasons for a redirect. 1) found the exact keywords in the title, 2) found the partial keywords in the title, or 3) found the metaphone matches in the title.

    I wanted to add this to the logs.

    Adding a reason for a redirect to the redirect would be a little harder, perhaps I could put it in the session and then have a block of code added to the post content when it is displayed (almost like a short code).

    You can handle the 404 page by customizing your theme’s 404 page. I have thought about making a plugin to customize the 404 page content
    , but most themes already include a 404.php file.

    I have the exact same problem! My directory structure is For now, I have deactivated the plugin. I’d try the beta, but I think I’ll just wait the few days necessary for the update.

    But for the few days it worked for me, it helped immensely! I had 275 404’s before. Now there are 0!

    Plugin Author kpgraham


    It’s time for the next release. I’ll let it escape tonight.

    I’ve been using it for a week now, so I think there will not be any surprises this time.


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