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  • I have written a plugin that stores a new record in a DB table every time a user clicks on a page.

    Also when a page is loaded a new record is written to another DB table storing the browser window size, scrolling on the same page will then cause this record to be updated with a new window depth value. In order to make this more efficient I have a one second timeout and check if the new maximum depth is greater than the previous depth before deciding whether to update the record.

    All this is being done using jQuery with Ajax calls back to PHP code.

    My question is what sort of performance can I expect from WP/MySQL? In particular are there:
    * limits as to how many Ajax calls site wide can be made at any one time
    * limits as to how many database writes site wide can be made at any one time
    * size “limits” on the DB tables at which point performance starts to deteriorate due to writes and updates taking longer
    * any other considerations I have not thought of

    I need to know if there are limits around which WP stability can be guaranteed. I can’t afford the situation where the plugin causes a site to “crash” because a large number of visitors is generating more DB interaction than WP/Ajax/MySQL can cope with. I realize that the type of web hosting could affect the answers but it would be great if I could say the plugin can support up to X concurrent users, Y database records etc.

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