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  • Per-Post Styles allows you to define stylesheets specific to an individual post, or several using custom fields. With this plugin, it’s possible to control backgrounds, colors, font-sizes, variants, anything that modified through a stylesheet.
    I’ve added this plugin to the wiki, but the directions for installing it can be found here: blindmuse->howto

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  • Chuckg,
    Sweet! Question for you…can this be configured to style according to author as well?
    Thanks for your contribution!

    Nuclearmoose: Of course it can silly! Right now the functionality is already there, just follow the directions as is and have authors put in a stylesheet that they want specific to their posts. So if you have 3 different authors, just make a stylesheet for each author.
    I know, of course, that you are referring to the style being set automatically based on the author. I can add it, like I said, but it’d be more like an array with the authors in it and the style you want set for them, not as cool as the current system.

    The hack now has the ability to define styles for specific authors as well, per NuclearMoose’s request. The update is seamless with the old method, but now you have the ability to define either a style for one post specifically, or have the posts for an entire author styled a unique way.
    Check out my site for details on the update: blindmuse -> Per-Post Styles

    Thanks, dude! When is the beach party? I’ll bring the beer!

    I reaaly need this plugin but the downloading site is not working. Anybody knows where ca I download it?
    Can anybody send it to me?

    yea me too, I need this but site is down, anyone can post the files?

    yea me too, I need this but site is down, anyone can post the files?

    could this be modified to work by which category the post is in?

    Hey sorry about the downtime guys. My webserver / host went down and didn’t inform me; on top of that it was finals week and I’ve been busy finding a summer job and what not. In any case, I’ve got the site back up on a temporary basis. You can find the code there now from a link on the main page.
    @kristin: Yes, this is very possible. In fact it’s so possible, I’ve already started coding it into the next release. Check back here for updates.

    did anything ever come of that, chuckg?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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