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  • This plugin has helped me tremendously. I am using it to display lists of members with small 50×50 thumbnail avatars and two custom text fields from user profile. the custom text fields are converted to hyper-links in the people list template. I wanted to display the images horizontally with about 24 per page but with my limited knowledge could not achieve this. However I managed to create 6 columns by having sub people-lists displayed in a table. This is working fine except I now have so many lists that they go off the page. I have to scroll down the selected list with mouse then hit PGDN on keyboard. Also if I add an extra column to my page I need an extra sub list this causes havoc as the newest list created is put at the bottom of the page.

    Q1. Is it possible to arrange the “view all lists” alphabetically
    Q2. Can the “view all lists” be displayed in more than 1 column for large lists
    Q3. The people in my lists change very frequently. How can I drag them from 1 list to another quickly (ie edit two people lists simultaneously and drag between them)very tedius moving them to available people list, reselecting a new list and then dragging them back, exspecially when several people move together.

    I realize this is not simple but thought I would ask on the off chance you can help as my lists are growing daily and im strugling.

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