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  • The kses filter pulls these tags out. The only way I found to reliably keep them in was to go into kses.php and uncomment br and p from the list of allowedtags.

    WP of course does not endorse hacking your files, so edit at your own risk.

    This could probably be done better and more appropriately with the use of a plugin, using the CUSTOM_TAGS option, which from what I can tell is specifically for circumventing specific filters. However, I couldn’t find a plugin and programming one is a bit beyond me at this stage.

    Well I can live with the filter, but shouldn’t line breaks [Enter] work?
    [Enter] line break are visible in the editor but the %bio% template tag strips them.

    The line breaks are present in the source code.
    Does anybody know how to replace them with

    A friend reminded me of the nl2br() function.

    I added it to people-lists.php:
    Line 706: $replacements[2] = nl2br($user_data->description);

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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