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  • I am working on clearing our site’s database of unnecessary tables/content. I have a test domain where I started a fresh database and am importing only the tables I need. It seems like I have all of the correct tables but the Lists that I have established on our live site are not showing up on my test site. It says at the top of the People Lists settings page “You currently have no lists. Go ahead and create one!”.
    So my question is, how do i restore my lists from my other site? I’m assuming the list info is stored somewhere in the database? If so, which tables do I need?

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  • Plugin Contributor Enej Bajgoric


    The info is stored in the options table and serialized.


    Ok I saw some stuff for people lists in wp_options. Pardon my ignorance, but I’m not quite sure what the significance of being serialized is. Could you explain what that means? Is it something that would prevent the lists from appearing with a new db/site?

    Plugin Contributor Enej Bajgoric


    Hi Tabeytabe

    If you look up php serialization – php documenation is pretty good in explaining it.
    ‘This is useful for storing or passing PHP values around without losing their type and structure. ‘

    WordPress widgets store the data in a smiler way so if your widgets got transferred over without problems chances are that the people list data would as well.

    if you add the line to your fucnctions.php file for example what do you get?

    var_dump( get_option(‘people-lists’)) ;

    @enejb – I am experiencing a similar issue as tabeytabe. I migrated my WP site from my development server to my production server for the first time.

    I followed the standard WP process for moving sites to a new location:

    I basically went from (people lists working) to (people lists not working). During my move, I exported my db from /intranet, did a find->replace to update my paths, and then imported the db at /oog.

    I see the people-lists data in my wp-options table after the import, however from within the wordpress admin interface, it shows “You currently have no lists. Go ahead and create one!”. After lots of frustration, I manually copied my people lists, readded users to them, and manually copied the templates and additional profile fields from my dev site to my production site. It does seem like the issue is related not to a new database import, but to the fact that the folder of wordpress changed.

    My widgets got transferred over without any issues. Any ideas on how I can make this process smoother?

    Thanks for the great plugin!

    Plugin Contributor Enej Bajgoric


    Hi joshakaufman

    Thanks for letting me know about this. I never had to migrate a site with the plugin enabled. I know the plugin stores the information in serialized arrays. which would have been the culprit in this. Did you by any chance have links in the template that needed to be rewritten.

    One of the problems of serialized arrays is that the length of the string is stored in the database. If that length changes when you do a search and replace it corrupts the serialized array.

    :S Sorry for all the head ace this caused you.

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