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  • Hi, when I install the plugin, which means I put the files in the correct places and adjust the config.php (I do nothing in the WP app itself like activating a plugin), and I go to the install with wp-admin/install.php. I get the regular install prompts but when I submit the next page is filled with php code and create table statements.

    At the bottom it says success and to use the random password it created even though I put in a password. However, the password is blank. Nothing is there. When I try an login with admin and my password I typed in, I get denied. Blank password is denied also.

    I checked and the sqlite database is being created and looking at the tables it appears all the wordpress tables were made. I just can’t login to the blog. The actual blog works just no admin.

    I don’t know what password it is creating. The database has one in the column of wp_users but it is encrypted. Thanks for any help. Using Apache. Maybe there’s a way to input a new password?

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  • I had the same problem. The changes had to be done in pdo/wp_install.php Firstly I copied some code from wp-admin/includes/upgrade.php (code for creating user was slightly different) but it didn’t help. Finally I add extra parameter ($user_password) to function wp_install in pdo/wp_install.php :

    function wp_install($blog_title, $user_name, $user_email, $public, $deprecated='', $user_password = '')

    and now it works!

    works fine, just a generated password is used in all cases.
    I did display it and then used for initial login by: editing file:

    $message = __(‘Note that password:’ . $random_password . ‘ carefully! It is a random password that was generated just for you.’);

    added this ‘ . $random_password . ‘ part in the middle. Otherwise it was not displayed and no login.

    wp301 works fine with sqlite, good luck, Giedrius

    The php and sql statements should not be displayed, but appear to be benign. There are a bunch of echo statements in driver_sqlite/schema.php which were probably intended for debugging during development and were never removed.

    As for the password, a random password was emailed to me at the email address I gave in step 1. This worked fine, and I was able to change my password from within wordpress. However, it is clearly a bug that the password input in step 1 is not actually used when creating the account.

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