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    I use this plugin on an e-learning site.
    I have Buddypress installed and Courseware most recent versions.
    I want my customers to be able to print course lectures, nothing els on the site.

    When installing PDF24 and activating the plugin for articles, it places a link at the right place and prints the right information. This link then is also on the assignment pages and on other places. Si the link mode seems a good solution.

    When installing the <?php pdf24Plugin_link(); ?> code into the lecture template just before the display of the content. It is as if the global parameter pdf24Plugin is not found. Nothing shows up. When I place tekst on this place it shows up as it should.

    Anyone any suggestions?

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  • The downloaded PDF is 0 B.
    Look at
    Thank you

    Plugin Author pdf24


    Have you activated the plugin in WordPress? I think this could be the only reason for the global variable. It seems that the plugin file isn’t loaded before you make a call to the pdf24Plugin_link() method.

    We switched back to the older version of the converter and now a PDF of your content is created fine. We will check the new version of the converter.

    The plugin is activated, I think.

    This is the dump of the active-plugins parameter in the WP_options table.

    If I put text just before the link, the text shows at the right place, the link is not visible, also not visible in sourcecode of the page.

    **************The script-code****************
    <div id=”lecture-content” class=”courseware-content-wrapper”>
    <h4 id=”lecture-title” class=”courseware-title”>
    <?php echo get_the_title( $lecture->ID ); ?>
    <div id=”lecture-body” class=”courseware-content”>
    <?php pdf24Plugin_link(‘MY_LINK_TEXT’); ?>
    Just text to show where the plugin is
    <?php the_content(); ?>
    ************the result code by the browser**************
    <div id=”lecture-content” class=”courseware-content-wrapper”>
    <h4 id=”lecture-title” class=”courseware-title”>
    Lecture – title </h4>
    <div id=”lecture-body” class=”courseware-content”>
    Just text to show where the plugin is
    <p>this is the content text of the lecture…. </p>


    ***********the content of the WP_options table *** Active-Plugin field********

    Plugin Author pdf24


    Have you activated the Link feature of the plugin? Please check the checkbox in PDF24 plugin settings area in your wordpress admin area.

    The PDF24 plugin is composed of several features. One of the feature is the link one. Each feature can be seperately enabled or disabled.

    Please check whether the link feature is enabled.

    Please check also if you have inserted the link code into the right template or at the right place. It can be a little confusing…

    The link feature is activated in the plugin.

    When I activate the article plugin, is shows at the right place, when I activate the link plugin, it doesn’t show.

    I have a testsite. I changed the password, to give you access.
    User : sergevg
    login : pdf24

    I want to make only the lectures in courseware printable.
    It works fine with the article plugin, but doen’t work with the linkplugin.

    Now, both article and link plugin are active.

    The link code is where it should be… I think

    The template file is located here

    Thanks for responding to my questions.

    Plugin Author pdf24


    I give you feedback if I have tested it….

    Many thanks 🙂

    Plugin Author pdf24


    I could not find the file buddypress-courseware/groups/templates/single_lecture.php in wordpress.

    Can this file be edited in wordpress admin area?

    If the pdf24Plugin is not found then it seems that the pdf24 plugin is not loaded. Do the bodypress templates loads plugins?

    I installed a fresh installation with only the necessary plugins.
    login: sergevg
    password: pdf24

    this is the link to the place where the link-plugin should show up, when activating the article plugin, this one works, the link-plugin doesn’t.

    Could be indeed that buddypress doesn’t load the link-plugin, but it does load the article plugin.

    On this page, there is also a link to the editor, you can edit the templates directly in wordpress.

    I hope you can help me, thanks

    Plugin Author pdf24


    Ok, threre are some problems.

    The link is not printed because there are no posts. We are also not in the loop. The plugin calls the methods in_the_loop() and also the method have_posts() and both returns false. The plugin thinks that there are no posts. The link could not collect any data and is therefore not shown.

    Do you know why this is the case? the method the_content produces data and I think we must have a post but this is not indicated by have_posts().

    What you can also do is to use a special pdf24 plugin feature to mark the content which is to add to the pdf file. I have inserted the code into the template as follows:

    <?php pdf24Plugin_begin(); ?>
    <?php the_content(); ?>
    <?php pdf24Plugin_end(); ?>
    <?php pdf24Plugin_link(); ?>

    This marks the content, which is all the content between the methods pdf24Plugin_begin() and pdf24Plugin_end(). Then a link is printed with the call to pdf24Plugin_link() which now uses the content which was marked above.

    Using this feature currently has the condition that the PDF link or other PDF bars can only be outputted after the pdf24Plugin_end() call because the pdf24 plugin uses the prior marked content to form the link.

    Thanks for this solution.

    Maybe a good idea to mention this method in the plugin options page.

    This seems to leave me with the problem, the link can only be at te bottom of the content, but I can live with that.

    Many thanks and keep up the great work.

    Plugin Author pdf24


    We work on the feature that the link can be placed everywhere. Will be part of one of the next versions.

    Plugin Author pdf24


    The feature that links can be placed everywhere is part of the current version. You can use the method pdf24plugin_form(ID) and pdf24plugin_formSubmit(ID) to get the desired functionality. More information is given in the plugin FAQ and installation section.

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