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  • Hi!

    I am using Wishlist Membership plugin and I have private tags inside my posts so that logged in members can see entire posts/articles while guests only see excerpts.

    I love the idea of offering the possibility to download articles as PDF but would like to offer this option ONLY to members. That means I don’t want to have the code automatically displaying at the bottom of my pages.

    But I would like to manually add a link inside posts/articles (which will be inside Wishlist private tags) so that only logged in members could see this link and download the article as a PDF. Is that possible?

    In short, is it possible to have a link and insert it manually inside each concerned post?

    THANKS A LOT for your help/answer


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  • OK I found a (temporary) solution.

    You can add (manually) the full source code but it is quite long and it includes encrypted parts. If there was a shorter alternative, could be nicer but at least it works.
    Only problem we get is that we loose the css part and the link displays in a bit messy shape…

    We could imagine a Premium service that would give a straight link we can add wherever we want in our posts. That would make things much simpler on customer’s side.

    Could have a simple link and when we login on the PDF24 website’s Control Panel, a few options would display like:
    1 – customize text link
    2 – Choose target (parent or blank)
    3 – direct download or email
    The Control Panel could also show the every day downloads listed by date/time with article title and associated IP…
    Something like:
    2011-10-18 – 10:15 am – PDF24 Creator 3.7 released –
    2011-10-18 – 10:13 am – WordPress PDF Plugin 3.3 released –

    Of course that would be a Premium service. I have a bit similar service with my webstats.

    External services are a great alternative. They make websites much lighter. People often fears them because they feel not free mainly due to some yearly fee, no clear canceling options and no export options.
    So it might be important to offer a monthly fee option with cancelation possiblity at any time and an export option of log (day by day download with post page and associated IP like shown above)

    Anyway just some ideas 🙂
    Hope this helps. Keep up the good work! ^-^

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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