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  • Hi,
    I’ve been using this wonderful plug-in for 4 months now, thank you very much for writing it.

    I have a question regarding the use of the pb-embedFlash Widget, is it possible to implement more than one widget displaying different playlist at the same time in the side bar? I tried to do that, but the newer one will overwrite the old widget, so I ended up with just one.

    Is there any work around on this or I am just allowed to have one widget at this point of time?


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  • I managed to get it to work! It’s now showing 2 widgets with different playlist. But I would like to add in a playlist at the bottom of the player, can’t seem to figure it out. I tried using flash vars, but it is not working. I will appreciate any advice. Thanks.

    You have to use the flashvar displayheight in order to show a playlist frame, e.g. f={displayheight=200}.

    height-displayheight = height of the playlist frame

    For example, if you set the flash’s height to 500 and use a displayheight of 300, then the playlist frame will use the remaining 200px.

    (The same is for width and displaywidth. Then, the playlist is displayed on the right instead of on the bottom.)

    I am encountering a new problem, if I edit the widgets properties, after I saved the changes, sometimes one or both the pb-embedFlash Widget will get deleted even though I did not delete them. I will have to add them back each time. Seems like it is not stable when running multiple widgets.

    I will go try out the vars again, thanks.

    The vars works now, but is there a way to just display title and nothing else (no images, numbering within the playlist)?

    My site url

    Update, after playing around with the flash vars, I managed to get everything to work. Thanks alot for the pointers on setting the playlist display height. 🙂

    I guess you use Inter Explorer, right? I had some problems on IE7 using multiple pb-embedFlash widgets, but don’t know why. On Firefox, it works fine for me. If could no reproduce that behaviour on FF yet.

    Actually no, my default browser is Firefox, but I have to test the site in multiple browser including IE.

    I have only encounter that widget disappearing problem on FF, not try editing on IE yet. But after I got everything right, have not encounter it since then.

    Very strange… I could not reproduce it yet. I’m using the same code for widgets like WordPress.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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