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  • Hey pasber,
    I can’t get the transitions to work when rotating images. I am trying to get a fade or slowfade here: (see down the page)
    I have used the tag [flash playlist=1 f={transition=slowfade}] in the post, also without the f={} part. I have also set the options in the admin page, they all work (you can see there’s no control bar for example), but not the transition.

    Thank you for your help!

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  • The flash tag is correct and the generated html code seems to be ok, too.

    Either it’s an issue by JW FLV Media Player or fade and slowfade are not supported though I’ve added it to the admin panel long time ago (copied from the Setup Wizard page, not(!) compatible with version 3.16 I’m using with pb-embedFlash!).

    So, fade and slowfade are not suppoorted by the player version?
    Do you think i can just replace the player by the current one, or would you have plans to update the plugin to use the latest player?

    Thank you for you support

    You could use the latest version with some limitations. Some flashvars have been dropped, others are new. You could not (easily) use the skinning feature and plugins for the player.

    I don’t know when exactly I can move on to the next milestone (1.6) containing JW FLV Media Player v4.x and Shadowbox 2.x, but not earlier than February ’09.

    Hey pasber thank you for your help.

    I don’t need skinning or plugins, or any very advanced feature, that’s fine.
    I’m sorry to take your time, but if you can help me a bit more with this i will be gratefull: i downloaded the mediaplayer 4.2, renamed player.swf to mediaplayer.swf, and put the file in the swf directory of your plugin. When i loaded the page nothing happened: no player showed up.
    (right now the original 3.16 player is in use, if you want to see the page with the 4.2 player just tell me)
    Do i have to do something else? Would you direct me how to replace the player?

    thanks a lot

    I cannot support on that matter because I had these problems with version 4.0, too. JW supposes to use JavaScript/SWFObject to load the player, but I want it the old fashion way (“barrier free” / “accessibility”).

    As of it’s a lot of work integrating v4.x into my plugin, I did not follow that target yet. As said before, maybe in Q1/09.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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