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  • Hi,

    First of all, I would dare say that your plug is the best one around, congrats and my sincere thanks for making it!
    If you should have time, It would be worth putting an effort to make it friendlier towards other libraries, I use jQuery on some portions of my site, and this didn’t go well with it.
    I noticed that the plugin doesn’t work in Opera (mac)
    In Safari the lightbox effect renders also video transparent, while Firefox renders only the box (white portion) opaque.
    Another Idea that might be useful to some (like myself) is to be able to paginate the imported video’s.

    Hope you find this info useful in case you didn’t know this already.

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  • Thanks for the input! Pagination will be one of my following tasks.

    At the moment, I’ve not enough time to learn the syntax ans usage of other JS libraries (jQuery/prototype with scriptaculous). If you (or any other) could give me working examples (like inc/flashbox.js), I would integrate them into the plugin and give an option in the admin panel to choose the .js to use.

    The problem with transparency is, that all browsers interpret it in another way as specified in CSS. That is because CSS 3 is not out yet and CSS 2 not even fully supported by all browsers. So there is either inheritance of opacity or not – depending on the browser.

    To Opera/mac: What exactly does not work?

    Hi Pascal,

    This might be something to take a look at
    I’m not sure but I think that the shadowbox is friendly. However it is worth looking into other plugins that incorporate mootools library without conflicts as well.
    As for the Opera, my bad, it turns out everything is ok.


    Looking forward to pagination !

    Sounds interesting. I’ll work on it when I find some time.

    As a small look inside:
    * Pagination is integrated and will be in the next rc.
    * I’ve quite finnished integrating Shadowbox. Wasn’t that hard I thought first :).

    Out now :).

    Small bug: the “cancel” image is not loading for me, it tries to load it from the wrong directory (the one where the photo is instead of the plugin directory).

    I’ve disabled it and gone back to Slimbox until the bugs are ironed, but it looks very promising!

    Would it be easy to translate the Slimbox texts into Spanish?

    Afaik, there is no “cancel” image, but an “loading” image. I’ll work on it the next days.

    You can either use the language files (*.po, *.mo) or set the texts in the admin panel. I don’t speak Spanish so I cannot do any translations.

    Of course, I meant loading – my fault.

    I’ll look into the language files. I don’t care for the admin panel, I would just want to translate the Slimbox texts (Image, Cancel, etc.)

    Oh, then I misunterstood you. I thought you meant the texts describing missing JavaScript etc.

    At the moment, you just can change displayed texts inside Shadowbox/Slimbox by editting the corresponding JavaScript file. I’ll try to find a solution to translate “Cancel”, “Next”, “Image”, … etc. Thats a bit tricky because JavaScript isn’t that dynamic :/.

    Ok, done in rc9.1. You can change the texts and assign shortcut keys for Shadowbox.

    * edit: Either the website updates slowly or the script ignores all subversions after “rc9″… Never mind, just download the plugin, rc9.1 is in there :). You can check it by opening readme.txt or pb-embedFlash.php.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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