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  • Hi,

    I like your password protection plugin and would like to contribute but I am having a problem with logging in. I looked at all the forum posts but could not find and answer. I want users to be able to sign in once and have access to all the pages on my site. Currently they seem to have to enter it twice. Once for the main page and again when they click on a tab. Only after they enter it a second time do they get full access. With Multisite turned on I cannot get past the log in at all. Is there something I am doing wrong? Thank you.

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  • Not sure if you are having the same problem I was, but here’s how I fixed a similar issue. The Password Protect plugin was working fine for one site, but when using it in conjunction with Mu and Domain Mapping it wouldn’t let me get past the login screen either.

    The plugin uses the function ‘is_user_logged_in’ which looks for a cookie set by WordPress. My issue was that the log in page I was being thrown to was not the domain I had the site mapped to, but the sub-directory. So, anytime I would log in it would save the cookie for a different domain and think I wasn’t logged in on the other domain.

    All I had to do to fix this was change the ‘siteurl’ value in the ‘wp-options’ table of the database to the site domain. Hopefully that works for you as well.

    Thank you! That was very helpful.

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