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    OK, well, there are two possible things to check: first, the obvious: make sure all the settings which relate to sending the signup confirmation email are correct. If you have customized the content of the emails, check that for anything strange that might be causing an error.

    Second, it’s possible (I suppose) that if there are special characters in the name of your fields, that could cause a problem.

    I suggest your turn on the WP_DEBUG and see what kind of errors you’re getting. If it’s a live site you can set it up so only you use the site with the WP_DEBUG on by setting it to kick in with your IP.

    The Participants Database settings has a setting for the from email address. My SMTP host will not allow outgoing mail with a from address different than the one I authenticated with — you might check that they match.

    I’m having an issue with this too.

    I installed a few months a version of this plugin in a site, which I modified a little bit for it to accept more file formats than just images.

    Anyway, everything worked fine with that installation, but I just installed a new WP version and this plugin from the wp plugin search, and as I make tests I can’t get it to send emails both to the participant who registers nor to the “Signup Notification Recipient”.

    The item is saved to the database, its just the email which is not sent. I checked settings and fields, and I have no clue as to where to look next. I checked spam folders, the settings on the plugin, the actual fields of the database.. everything is the same or similar from the last time I used this plugin…

    I just installed a second version of WP, and the same thing. As I made a test to sign up, the record was registered on the database, you can view it there, but there’s no email confirmation sent either to the visitor, nor the admin email set in the plugin. =(

    I don’t know what could be causing this, the installation I ran several weeks ago (like 5 months) worked fine.

    Check out the WP_SMTP plugin. It solved a LOT of my problems that were similar to this one. Give it a shot and let us know if that helps.

    Thanks! I used “Configure SMTP” and it did work! Thanks a lot =)

    I still don’t know why this happened, but at least it works now.

    I did what you did Lozbo and installed and configure “Configure SMTP” Sent test e-mail and it worked.

    However the plugin still does not send the emails to sign-ups

    Any help someone can provide would be appreciated

    Sorry dude, dont know what to say, it worked for me…

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    You should update the plugin. One of the main reasons emails do not show up is they get stopped by spam filters. It’s important that your “from” email be from the same domain as the website.

    When you test emails, be sure to check your spam folder and you can often learn why the email ended up there.

    Looks like one must have [pdb_signup_thanks] code on the page following the signup, otherwise emails are not sent.



    Man, I have been spinning my wheels on this for ages…thanks, your comment above made the difference, and FINALLY the emails get sent!
    Thanks again!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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