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[Resolved] [Plugin: Participants Database] Shortcode won't work

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  • My apologies, I need to explain how these work. There are two shortcodes: [pdb_signup] and [pdb_record]

    The signup shortcode is the one to use for people to sign up and add their name to your list.

    The pdb_record one is for the user to come back and fill out or update the record. In order to do that, they are emailed a link which includes an ID code. If the ID code is not used when the page is viewed, nothing will appear.

    I hope this makes sense…I need to add more help info to the plugin.

    Thanks for the info! I will give this a try for our nonprofit.


    PDB seems to be a very good and useful plugin. However, I confirm that [pdb_record] does not work on my site though I strictly follow the instructions.



    Hi JM,

    Hey, I’d be happy to check this out for you: can you give me the link you are using to view the page?


    Hi Roland

    This is a link to the record:


    The page (id=173) contains the code [pdf_record]

    Thanks for any help,m


    PS: Since I updated to the latest version (1.1.1), I can’t see the list of participants in the backend any more, just the link to edit a record.

    Hi Juergen,

    Yes, I’ve been working on this one. I mistakenly assumed that the link would be a permalink, but not everyone does that! I will be issuing an upgrade that fixes this later today.

    On the admin participant list disappearing…I suggest you deactivate and reactivate the plugin, that will trigger the database update that is needed.

    Please get back to me if that doesn’t work.

    Hi Roland

    Thanks for the quick reply. I installed 1.1.2 but records continue not to show up.

    Thanks for the hint in terms of the backend list, it solved the issue.

    Look forward to the next update 😉



    Happy to help you with the issue you’re having with the record not showing up…can you send me the link you are using to access it so I can see what’s happening?

    Hi Roland

    This a linkg to one of the records in the database: http://www.lafouleeduvully.ch/_wp/?page_id=173?pid=YR5BB

    As you can see it remains empty.

    Any help is highly appreciated.




    The latest version of the plugin has a fix for this. If you have already upgraded, go to the settings page and re-select the ‘Participant Record Page’ setting to point to this page. What’s happening is there is a second ‘?’ in the URI, it should be a ‘&’:

    Mes données

    Let me know if the plugin is still giving you an incorrect URI.


    Hi Roland

    Perfect, it’s working now! Thanks a lot!

    Just another question: is it possible to exclude certain fields form the pdb_record not being recordable by the participants? Maybe via a group / admin definition?

    Really great plugin and very useful for a lot of different applications.



    Yes, exactly. You’ll find a “display” checkbox next to the groups on the “Manage Database Fields” page. This will determine whether a group is presented to a user or not.

    Hi Roland

    This is really one of greatest plugin for school type portal sites, but here my question is how add multiple signup forms for different costume roles by this plugin(these are costume roles for myproject applicants, parents, volunteers, donors) in WP. with different type of fields and i have to maintain relationship between applicants, parents, volunteers, donors and Admin

    please help me or give some suggestion for this kind of projects.

    and one more thing user picture is not showing in members list pages
    please give reply

    Thanks & Regars


    OK, this should probably have been posted to it’s own topic as it will be hard for others to get the benefit of the answer. Please repost your question on it’s own topic and I’ll answer it for you.

    Hi Roland

    thank you for fast reply.
    I don’t know it’s own topic forum link. but i need help

    my problems

    1.How to create multiple registration forms, login forms and profile updating forms for different roles of users in WORDPRESS by using this plugin?

    In plugin Description
    i see these words Build and maintain a fully customizable database of participants or volunteers with signup forms

    2.I doesn’t get user photo on members list
    i used this short code
    [pdb_list fields=”last_name, city, email, photo,zip”]

    please help me regarding this issues.

    Thank You

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 39 total)
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