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  • Sev


    Hello Roland,

    I am experiencing problems with upload of CSV for a field which is Multi-checkbox.
    I think it is easy to reproduce on your side if you want and if you have 1 field Multi-checkbox : simply export your database to CSV, delete all participants, upload the same CSV.
    You will see that the multi-checkbox seems to have been uploade but when editing the participant the corresponding tickbox are not activated.
    I went to MySQL to see the difference :
    in the CSV the field looks like :
    "Engineering, Projet"
    in MySQL the same field is :

    Do you see a quick workaround for that issue ?

    I also tried to upload a CSV with fields looking like the MySQL (ie a:1:{i:0;s:11:"Engineering";}) but it did no worked, even when editing the file in Notepad++ to remove some fancy quotes that Excel generates.
    Then I also tried to modify MySQL directly :

    UPDATEwp_participants_databaseSETknowledges=REPLACE(knowledges, ‘”‘, ‘”‘);

    but it also failed…

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  • Plugin Author xnau webdesign



    I understand. Seems I did not make a way to make an array out of the comma-separated values when the data is imported back into the database.

    I can fix it in the next upgrade, but there is no easy way for you to work around this because you will have to create a “serialized” array from your comma-separated values. And you’ll have to do it in the database because CSV can’t handle serialized arrays.

    If you want to export data from your database so you can re-import it later, you should do it as a MySQL export. It’s way more reliable than CSV.

    Thanks for pointing out my mistake.



    OK, understood.
    In fact it was for my first upload that I needed the multi-checkbox (So I will do it manually !). You are right, in the future I will use the MySQL export.

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