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    Ok, here is another challenge. I have multiple types of records I need to display. For an example:

    I have soldier POW records, you search for a soldier, find them, click on their last name and it goes to a PDB_single page with all the details about that soldier. Works like a charm. PDB_single page is defined in the settings, and I’ve set the single record link field as last_name.

    Then I have POW camp records which list all camps based on a “type” of camp. So I enter these records with a defined type, and using the PDB_list shortcode I can pull just those records of the camp type I want and display them in a list. But if I want to have, say, the “camp name” field as a link to a PDB_single page to show more information on the specific camp I can’t do it without changing the options in settings, which then stops it from working for the soldier records above.

    How can I have 2 different PDB_single pages, or even more than 2 (I really only need 2), so this will work for me?

    Any ideas?


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  • Plugin Author xnau webdesign



    I don’t have an easy answer for having the link be on a different field for the two lists. It may be possible to put some custom code into PDb_List.Class.php that selects the link field based on the value of the “type” field.

    It is possible to have multiple templates for the [pdb_single] shortcode. You can include a template value in the shortcode that will select a different template file. This is explained in the docs, but what you’d probably have to do is put the shortcode in the page template where you’re showing your single record, suing the do_shortcode() function. This way, you can have it display the record using a different template based on the type.

    Hope this helps…

    Hey Wayne,

    is it possible to have 2 databases?
    to handle two different types of models?

    including two different types of forms, single-views and list-views?


    Hi Flezen, my list views are fine, single-views are the issue. I don’t think you can do 2 installs without huge changes to the code as it names the database, does all the hooks based on certain names, and a bunch of other stuff that would need to be changed.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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