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    I know that this can be set in the settings (by selecting a specfic page in the drop down menu) but my form is in the header of my site, i.e the form will never be submitted on one specific page.

    Hereby is there anyway, after submission, users are returned to the same page/post/whatever, regardless of this


    A way in which user are sent back to the index.php page?

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  • Plugin Author xnau webdesign



    This is not so easy if you have already set the “signup thanks page” setting, because what you need to do is set this to nothing, and the signup form will return the user to whichever page the form is on.

    But, I have not provided a way for you to do this, so you need to edit the settings directly in the database. In the wp_options table there is a setting called: “participants-database_options” in there you’ll find a bunch of data, look for “signup_thanks_page” it will be followed with something like s:2:”30″ (this will be a different number for you) change whatever this is to s:0;”” that will effectively make that setting blank. Be very careful no to change anything other than that.

    Sorry this is so complex…I need to make it possible to select “none” or something.

    Hi Xnau,

    Thank you for your prompt reply.

    This worked, to some extent. I followed your instructions, and they essentially reset the options. This also mean that the messages (confirmations etc). were reset to the default.

    Having changed them to the desired message. What happens now is that on submission the user is not returned to the same page, but the latest post that is listed on that specific page.

    For example. On the index page my latest post displayed is called “post_1” so after submitting I land on the “post_1” page.

    However, If I’m on the “post_1” page and then submit the form I’m returned to the same page.

    If I’m on a category page, and then submit the form, again I land on the latest post of that category.

    If I’m on a regular page, as apposed to a category, or post page. I am returned to that same page.

    Plugin Author xnau webdesign


    Well, my instructions shouldn’t have reset your options, but at least you’re on the right track.

    I have not tested using the form in the way you are…it was designed to be enbedded in a page, not a header, so it’s all new territory you’re in. I can say that it is WP, not the plugin, that is determining what page you go to after the form is submitted. This is because there is no “action” parameter defined for the form, which causes the form to submit to the same page it’s on, but WordPress is redirecting that. If you want to take control of the process, you have to set the “action” attribute of the form to the exact page you want them to go to after they submit. Since the plugin can’t do this, you’ll have to resort to using Javascript to set the action attribute to the exact value you want.


    Will look into using javascript. Thanks again for your help. Great plugin.

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