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  • This is also what I am interested…a way fro front end users to search the DB and see the results…?

    Any possibility??

    Yeah! I want to search the content of the shortcode in my pages and posts.
    I have more than 500 stores with addresses, city’s and states people want to search through…

    I tried several (search)plugins but none of them seems to work?


    Kringloopwinkels Nederland

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    There is a simple search field that can be included with the list—maybe you’ve tried it. It may not do what you need.

    I would say that what you would need to do is actually create a search plugin that looks through the Participants Database database and finds the keywords. Not that hard to do, but it would take some PHP and MySQL programming chops to get it done.

    Yes I found your (plugin/page)search button. but it is not ‘site wide’.

    I have over 500 records (second hand stores) people cannot search through with the ‘normal’ function now …?

    I cannot programm myself, sorry.
    I thought maybe anyone here knew a plugin wich search plugins or any other solution.

    Thanks anyway!

    well I am using site wide Google search now.

    BTW xnau: Google does not index my pdb-single output pages?!
    With for example ?pdb=2866 in the URL?

    Only the page with the [pdb-single] code is indexed… but on that page is (almost) no text.

    Or am I missing something?

    I am using the plugin for displaying second hand stores in The Netherlands

    Plugin Author xnau webdesign



    This is a good point, and it’s true the single pages may not be indexed by Google. I’ll have to look into that.

    It’s possible they would be spidered via the list, which has links to each single record page. More research is needed.

    🙂 Indeed the list is spidered but thats only 1 page
    But… I want Google to index all my 550 (single)pages!

    Thanks again!

    maybe start a new topic for this spidering issue?

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    Yes, it’s an important discussion. What I would do, (haven’t found the time yet) is get into Google Webmaster Tools and in there they have a tool that lets you see your site as the Google spider sees it. Very informative.

    Hey xnau,

    How about the spidering issue? Do you have an solution to that?

    Google does not spider all the single pages your plugin produce.
    I have 577 (secondhand)stores online …

    Plugin Author xnau webdesign


    They will be spidered if you have a list page with links to the single records on it. Pages without public links to them can’t be spidered.

    No the links to my single records are not being spidered by google!
    Thats why I am asking your solution.

    This is the page with all the public links:


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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