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    It would be much easier to give your users accounts with access to the admin section. You can create a special user type if you want to limit their access. It’s really not possible to have the plugin’s edit page show up on the front end for people.

    I don’t know if you resolved this yet but if not I found a way. I created a new field (in my case I called it (Edit”) and from the drop-down menu I made it a “link” field. From the back-end List Participants I copied the Private ID url, then went to List Participants Edit and pasted into the link url. Then entered “edit” in Link Text. When users wants to edit from the from-end they can click the “edit” link and go to [pdb_record]. BTW, I have done this on an open internet site but with the List and Edit pages password protected.

    Thank you. I’m not sure if this will work for the same purpose so let’s see if we’re talking about the same thing. I need a person to fill in contact details (or whatever is on the public side of Participants Database. Then the person would receive an email with his/her identifying code that the plugin generates. In the future, the person could either click on a link to that code and edit his/her file or go to a search page and enter the code then update the profile (resume) In my case, I want to use it for a resume database but I need to be sure that people cannot see another user’s record. I will then have a searchable area where employers can search candidates by characteristics but that area won’t have the contact details visible. I then need to somehow add a contact form to the record so if an employer finds a candidate of his/her choosing, he/she would contact the candidate from there.

    My application is much simpler than yours and doesn’t involve any emailing for ID. It’s just a small database of 5 users who jointly administer a homeowners association. I didn’t want to open up access to the back-end so I provided a link to [pdb_record] without having to know the Private ID. The password protected page prevents others from editing.

    But it would be the same password for all, would it not?

    Yes, but to ensure data integrity only one person can edit (and myself as admin), thus only one password required.

    Hello Maximan,

    I’m not sure if i want the same as you, so to be clear.

    I’m running a shop which sells parts for domestic suppliance. I want my customers to be able to create list of brands & type’s machines they own. So when they come to my store, we can see what brand & type vacuum cleaner they own (for example) and sell them the right vacuum bags. I don’t want my employers to edit things in the backoffice. They must only be able to see the list with machines. Because of that the information is not “confidential” i want there to be an button on my front page. So when my customer is in my store, they can login with that button by providing there email & password. Any ideas how to do that?

    Thanks, Arnan

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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