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[Resolved] [Plugin: Participants Database] Can't find shortcode

  • We reinstalled on site and it is working well now (thanks!) and we’re very excited about this plug in–thank you for creating it! However, I am a total newbie with code and can’t seem to find where the short code is to copy it and install on desired page. I’ll eventually want to have the front end visible to website visitors, and I saw a thread where I can grab the code for that. In the meantime, please forgive dumb questions… where do I grab the short code from once my fields are established. Thanks!


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    That plugin has a lot to read! But it’s mentioned on the Installation tab.


    Place [pdb_record] in your blog posts and pages to show the signup form

    I see this, Jan, but where do I find the [pdb_record] in order to place it on the pages? – thanks for helping!

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


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    Ah, got it! Sorry about that. That’s a complex plugin (but looks really well documented), hopefully the plugin author will see this tag and reply.

    Hopefully – thanks. 🙂

    There is a code for displaying a single record [pdb_single] so it shouldn’t be impossible to dispay all records. However dtat protection may be something to be concerned with.

    I would like to have a search facility on one field and display that one record. I live in hope.

    @fsn, Shortcodes seem kinds mysterious at first, but all it is is just this text which you type in to your content: [pdb_signup]

    That will print the signup form when the page is viewed. Start with that, and the rest will be easier.

    @bran8464 the latest update includes the ability to add a search form to the [pdb_list] shortcode. If you want to display only one record you can either use the [pdb_list] shortcode with a filter–or you can use the [pdb_record] shortcode with the id if the record you want to show in the URL. It is explained in the docs, but I realize there’s a lot to explain and I did not go into a lot of detail.


    I have removed 1.3.3 and installed 1.3.4 as suggested. However I am finding that a 15 digit numerical field will not save to the record.

    I have a test site still using 1.3.3 and that does save the field to the record. BTW my one and only search requirement is on the unique 15 digit numerical field to display the one record that matches.

    Thanks so much – now it makes sense! 🙂


    I just tested this and had no trouble…I think I need you to go into more detail…what kind of field are you using to store the number? Do you have a page where I can see the problem?

    This is the test site which will be deleted once the live site is completed and operational : http://idchip.websanon.com/

    The above site has 1.3.3 and works fine. You will see from the forms that the id chip number is crucial.

    The live site is under contruction. It is running v1.3.4. I cannot add the id chip no in admin/edit record. I enter it but it isn’t saved.


    The input form on the site won’t accept the number even though it has the validation box ticked in admin.

    It’s nearly midnight here so I will be offline in 20 mins.


    I think I see what your problem is. You created a field name with a dot, and that’s preventing it from working. Delete that field, and create a new one without a dot in the name. You can use a dot in the title if you like.

    I just tested it, and the dot causes the field value to not be saved.

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention…I didn’t realize the dot would have that effect.

    Thanks, that fixed it. E-Mail sent.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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