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  • I am testing the plugin at the moment, and have got it creating a paypal subscription and the WP member account fine. But then I wanted to test what would happen if a member cancelled their subscription via paypal, and it doesn’t change their wordpress member account at all.

    So my two part question is:
    1) Is this because it would only change their WP member account when the next month’s subscription payment is attempted?

    And if so…
    2) What happens exactly when a member cancels via PayPal?
    Member role change?
    Emails sent?


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  • Plugin Author Jason Coleman


    If you setup your PayPal IPN Listener, then PMPro will send you and the member an email about the subscription. PMPro won’t automatically disable the account. You have to manually disable it. (We may update the plugin or offer code to automatically disable the accounts, but for now it’s manual.)

    How to setup your IPN listener:

    The URL you need will be on the PMPro payment settings page in your WP dashboard.

    Damn, that’t not so good if you have a site with thousands of members.

    Thanks for letting me know.

    Plugin Author Jason Coleman


    If you have thousands of paying members, sign up for our “Do it for me” plan to setup automatic cancellation handling. 🙂


    We are very careful to do things automatically that could adversely affect the users experience. Once we have very stable cancellation handling across all payment gateways and hosting setups, etc, we can integrate it into the core plugin.

    Lot of money to pay what’s a fairly basic function in the majority of well known membership plugins.

    My advice when you do get onto this area of the plugin, is that you don’t have it restricted to the IPN url someone has entered in their PayPal account. Most developers will probably want to use it on multiple sites for one client (for example), so if you rely on the url in that client’s paypal account, then you can only very use their paypal account for one site. The plugins that do it will have an IPN url they send when the subscription is created, which would be unique for each site the plugin is used on, hence one client/person can use it across multiple sites.


    Plugin Author Jason Coleman


    Thanks for the feedback.

    FYI, we are passing the “NOTIFYURL” parameter to PayPal, which should override the default IPN listener.

    The IPN stuff can be flaky on the PayPal sandbox if that is where you are testing.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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